FHA Inspection Standards Checklist

With an FHA mortgage, there are several property conditions that must be fulfilled in order to get loan approval. Properties chosen by borrowers seeking an FHA loan experience a review to determine the condition of the house and be certain it matches the health and security standards set forth by the Federal Housing Authority (FHA). […]

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How Can I Sell Real Estate?

You can save thousands of dollars in real estate commissions by selling your home without a realtor. Selling your home yourself demands more work on your part, but it can be better for your bottom line. Readily available resources can help you competitively price your property, and small cosmetic fixes will improve curb appeal. And […]

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Senior-Housing Types

Seniors have a wide variety of alternatives to select from when it comes time to assess and select senior housing options. Housing facilities are available for independent seniors who want little to no care, as well as for seniors that require continuous monitoring and attention. Factors such as location, budget, health, desired amenities and interests […]

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Mortgage Assistance Grants to Get a First-Time Home Buyer

Securing a mortgage loan requires lots of preparation and a significant financial investment. Lenders need a deposit for most mortgage loans, and the buying procedure frequently leads to closing costs charged by the lender to pay different fees incurred during the loan application processing. To encourage home buying, some applications are established that offer grant […]

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When Design Tastes Change: A Guide for Couples

For every challenge a few speeches, another one appears to appear. This is very true with decorating. Developing a space you both love could be fraught with stunning disagreements and buys you both repent. Every room that’s repainted may leave another still to perform. And no matter how gorgeous a residence is, when it’s inhabited […]

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Decrease Your Heating Bills With Some Simple Weather Stripping

Leaky stains around windows and doors are notoriously big issues for homeowners in locations with cold winters and humid summers, and they can cause bigger issues. Before adding insulation to your house, the most important step in making your house more comfortable is commanding air motion. The principle is pretty easy: plug the holes on […]

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The Excellent Kitchen Cabinet Cleanup

Think you may have too much material in your kitchen cabinets? If you even hesitated answering that question, you do. The Kitchen Studio of Glen Ellyn News flash: To cook great meals and entertain like a champ, you don’t need five spatulas or even more frying pans than you have burners. An expert chef can […]

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Tearing Down a Wall? 6 Methods to Take Care of the Opening

Have you thought of removing that wall between your kitchen and dining area to create a larger eat-in kitchen? Or maybe unite two smaller bedrooms into a spacious master suite? There are many reasons to open up rooms to every other — it’s one of the most frequent requests I get in remodeling projects. Opening […]

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8 Rooms That Say 'Let's Make Something'

If you are lucky enough to have a workshop or craft space, you would like it to be an inviting location that motivates you to get right to operate, with lots of easy-to-use places to stash your resources, samples and supplies plus a great big work surface. Dreaming of shaping up your workshop or turning […]

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