Glass Action: Windows & Doors

It is windows & doorways when there’s one thing you need to NEVER affordable out on. Inexpensive variations can cheapen the appearance of your whole facade, indoors as well as outside, and can cost you in power costs. I am not saying shut and you must go all Marc Chagall stained-glass or something, but undoubtedly give time and thought to if you need panes, in that case, how many, the way that it’s going to appear from in and outside, open, and invest several additional dollars on quality.

if you’re fortunate to really have a house with outdated leaded-glass or Victorian soldered particulars, I’m green with envy. Here I Have collected several examples of the best windows & doorways, from classic to uber-contemporary, as a source I Will grab for motivation on many endeavors. Please I would like to know about any I Have missed on so that I could add them to the group!

Abelow Sherman Architects LLC

Abelow Sherman Architects did a fantastic job of mixing new and old . Notice the traditional window in here has a miniature partner in the transom window on the current door (you must look quite attentively in this shot). Itis an excellent transition from classic to contemporary

Abelow Sherman Architects LLC

Again, we have a a vintage stained-glass transom window on a glass door that was contemporary in the exact same townhouse. Really apt.

Abelow Sherman Architects LLC

This can be the exact same brownstone, and that I believe glass do-or and these windows are smashing. The trimming is an excellent touch.

Feldman Architecture, Inc.

These windows are not really so ugly, and that I adore how the geometry aids the windows are blended in with all by the doorways. I am reminded by it of the amazing triple of TJ – windows at Monticello.

Bohlin Cywinski Jackson

I am a sucker to get a grid, and red-trimmed windows are maybe not at all something you see daily!

The windows here, but the dimension of the opening certainly makes the the area may mo-Re bias by this perspective than me!

Wonderful layout of windows, panes, and doorways, and yes, what a see!

Austin Patterson Disston Architects

Wonderful Shingle Style detailing on these.

Feldman Architecture, Inc.

These doorways that let all of it in are striking. How that they steer on such a path is actually trendy also.

Anderson Anderson Architecture

Cousin of the doorways above.

BKSK Architects

Again, rocked by the see. Adore the transom and I am thinking it is possible to throw the underside parts of those open.

These are just sublime, particularly when this home is up high as I’m thinking it is.

Long double- sash trimming that is lovely. Perfection.


I ‘m extremely hard pressed to imagine what goes on in this chamber. The Feudal Castle-appearing windows vex me even mo Re.

Ehrenclou Architects

The Harlequin routine is separated by Broadway Boogie Woogie colours, helping to make the pairing of the classic window layout using the hearth work that is advanced.

Aidlin Darling Layout, LLP

Studio S-T Architects, P.C.

A green house in the sky.

Aidlin Darling Layout, LLP

Modern Cottage.

M. Castedo Architects

A shoji-display sense.

Garrison Architects

I enjoy it, although I am uncertain what is actually occurring here.

Who cares the perspective is of a hearth e-Scape? It is extremely tough to get anywhere near this much much sun light mild in New York City!

Roger Hirsch Architect

Reminds me of the attic in “She Is the One,” which was the coolest flat using the very best windows actually.

Roger Hirsch Architect

Amazing, industrial, Practical.

Roger Hirsch Architect

Becker Architects Restricted

Ron Herman Landscape Architect

Feldman Architecture, Inc.

This do or only rules.

Feldman Architecture, Inc.

Classic two-over-2 includes an appearance that is contemporary.

Hanrahan Meyers Architects

Mark Dziewulski Architect

Cantilevered. Whoa.

Colonel Mustard, in the Solarium, together with the yellowish pillow…

M. Castedo Architects

Billinkoff Architecture PLLC