Reinvent It: Penny for Your Thoughts On This Particular Antiqued Table?

Homeowner Debbie Murray loves to decorate and constantly keeps her eye out for clever ideas. “I’d noticed creative people online with pennies on floors and backsplashes, and that I wanted something done in cents,” she states. “I said to my husband, Jim, ‘Honey, you can do this job for mepersonally, right?’ Of course he can!”

The couple set out for local consignment stores and found a dressing table with a flip-up shirt for $175 in The Blue Construction in Alabaster, Alabama. Next they hit on the home improvement shop for supplies to transform it. The result is a unique bedroom vanity with plenty of patina and charm, having a copper shirt they scored for … pennies. Here is how they did it.

Job: Penny-topped dressing table
Price: About $315
Time: A few hours a day for one week

Used vanity: $1751,600 cents: $161 quart of Behr self-primer, Antique White interior satin: $341 quart Rust-Oleum Decorative Glaze, Java Brown: $15Cheesecloth: $4Liquid Nails: $4One quart MinWax Fast-Drying Polyurethane, Clear Satin: $12Copper cleaner: $106 aluminum drawer brings: $7.20 each

1. Jim painted the dressing table and drawers with 2 coats of this Antique White paint.

2. He applied the cosmetic glaze with cheesecloth and an old white T-shirt, providing the piece its antiqued appearance.

3. He preserved and added glow to his job with a single coat of polyurethane.

4. Jim figured out the best way to stagger the rows of pennies to pay up to the top as you can. He began in the center, checking to make sure the top would still flip up.

5. As you can finish this at a work-filled three-day weekend, Jim affixed the pennies to get a couple nights later work. He glued every penny face upward with Liquid Nails. In the middle he placed several wheat pennies and Canadian pennies to get pleasure.

6. After everything was tender, Jim gently wiped the pennies with aluminum cleaner working with a rag. “We wanted to maintain the variation of color with the coins,” Debbie says.

7. Jim applied 2 coats of polyurethane over the pennies.

Along with serving as a dressing table, this is very good spot to work on the computer. Abbey Rose the puppy enjoys catching up with her Facebook friends and surfing for notions here.

The dressing table is nestled into a light-filled bay from your bedroom; the couple added a chandelier from Home Depot. “Jim did an wonderful job!” Debbie states. She paired the dressing table having an upholstered chair she scored at Steinmart. The desk lamp is from At Home Furnishings at Homewood, Alabama.

Since completing the dressing table, she’s put Jim along with the leftover supplies to operate; he’s also antiqued a cane chair, a hope chest and a small china cabinet.

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