Shower Lights Bathe Bathrooms in Brightness

Shower lighting generally gets little attention compared with lighting in the remainder of the house. But don’t make this mistake — even the easiest lighting may add such pleasure and glow to your everyday routine. The ideal light can break or make a toilet, and too often the topic is given no more idea than an excess downlight and weatherproof trim.

Lighting needs to be worked out from the start, because the ideal lighting methods will need to be made ahead so that they may be set up, waterproofed and serviced whenever necessary. Have a peek at a couple of my favorite shower lighting photographs and learn a number of the key things you should consider for your shower’s lighting.

Holger hoos layout

Here is an excellent illustration of an extreme colored light and its influence on the water spray; steam and steam come to life using the incorporation of colored lighting. Four LED pool lighting set up on the ceiling of the steam shower make this appearance.

Tip: Red, green and blue light-emitting diodes (LEDs) may be set up to make any mixture of colorful or white lighting. It’s important to be certain that the lights are all set up in the same direction so that the routine and manifestation of red, green and blue is constant.

Stunning Remodel

There are many shower fittings available, and lots of feature built-in lighting. The appearance is impressive. Consider fixtures which are controllable — many are a fixed color or show blue, red and green.

Tip: Take care in the framing and construction of these shower ceilings. Some of these lights may weigh over 20 lbs.

Zeus Remodeling

A backlit art bit similar to this one is an excellent way to add something special to a brand new shower. The lighting is remote controlled and may cycle through all of the colors of the rainbow.

With the ideal installer, anything is possible!

186 Lighting Design Group – Gregg Mackell

This shower is as much a work of art as a shower. The backlit slab around the rear wall casts all kinds of fantastic lighting around and serves as just 1 source of light with this shower. Something like this needs special planning with an electrician and a tile setter.

The underbench light would make a perfect nightlight with this bathroom.

Tip: Maintain light features on separate switches so that you can measure the lights as you like.

By Any Design Ltd..

Any bathtub light must be on a beige. I took this shot using the light set to half strength. Taking a long steam shower in the day’s ending will be more pleasurable in reduced light.

This bath features a center rain head, two shower lights were set up to give lots of light, even when they are dimmed.

Tip: There are several distinct kinds of shower lighting, and the appropriate dimmer must be bought for each. For example, low-voltage LED lighting often needs a special electronic dimmer. These may cost a pretty penny to install, so be sure to consult a professional before deciding on this option.

Pepe Calderin Design- Modern Interior Design

If you love sparkle, then look at choosing tile using a small shimmer. Various kinds of mosaic tile have iridescent properties, which take light nicely. The small mosaic onto the rear wall here will glimmer and glow with the ideal lighting levels.

Tip: If you or your partner suffers from migraine headaches, think about a colored lighting system. A soothing bath plus a long steam using just the ideal color might make things somewhat better when those pounding migraines kick in.

BY DESIGN Builders

This shower has its own LED battery pack, which activates when the shower turns on. When water enters the drain, then the LED light comes on. The designer incorporated the light so the clients would have more lighting and a way to orient themselves in the shower.

This can be a useful feature if you find you’ve got trouble seeing when items steam up in the shower.

bw design group

I like how this bath uses the light to accent the rear wall. The downlighting stipulates the rough texture of the natural slate tile. Be careful with this type of setup on a regular tiled wall, because lighting may showcase tile lippage and produce a fantastic installation look sloppy.

Tip: Try to keep lights as far from walls as possible to reduce highlighting on vinyl lippage.

This habit MTI air bathtub (or “bubbler”) has amazing built-in lighting. In case you’ve got the choice, choose four LED lights in a bathtub over two. The grid lighting on the rear wall is constructed from individual fiber optic strands placed in an installment of piled slate ledge stone.

Tip: Supply your LED lighting from a reliable store. Put the LED color driver (the driver is what alters the color of these lights — many are remote controlled) somewhere out of the way. Many can create a small sound and a little heat, therefore a correct electric box is key to a secure installation.

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