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How to Pour a Concrete Slab

Scottsdale concrete projects usually consume a lot of resources. You have to make sure you get it right from the beginning. If you are doing it on your own, you could easily save a lot of money or waste money. For a project that will cost no less than $500, you have to be very […]

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Houzz Tour: A Penobscot Bay Renovation

After retiring, my uncle and aunt decided they wanted to devote a lot of their newfound spare time on this lobstering island at Mid-Coast Maine. My uncle’s family has been visiting the island for three decades, and as a couple they had been vacationing here since they were first married. Prepared to invest in another […]

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America’s Home, the Colonial Style

From sea to shining sea, America’s most enduring home style stays the New England colonial. It conjures up pictures of small-town America, the village green, Fourth of July parades and that independent spirit that defines the American personality. Even as other styles gain in popularity, this design is still a favorite. Read on to learn […]

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Your Own Kitchen: Farmhouse Sinks

What’s not to adore about farmhouse style apron front sinks? They are evocative of the country lifestyle, however you will discover their minimalist aesthetic looks good with contemporary cabinets. And the best part is how well they function: They are extra heavy, and the front of the sink remains exposed which reduces the”reach-over” to get […]

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How to Build a Brick Garden Wall

Short and simple garden walls can be built using a single Wythe and with only a single row of bricks. However, these types of walls are not that durable. In fact, you can even push them with your hand. On the other hand, double Wythe brick walls are stronger, although if they are longer than […]

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Quick Fix: Easy Toe-Kick Lighting

Toe-kick lighting in the bathroom or kitchen can be both practical and good-looking. Once it functions as a type of route light for rooms in which additional safety measures are required, it can also add a sense of depth and warmth to a room. The price of installing LED light strips (what many builders suggest […]

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Sudden Combination: Blue and Rustic Rooms

What kinds of rooms do you think about when you consider this color blue? I picture cool Art Deco Miami, coastal cottages, possibly an elegant area designed around a exotic ikat print. I had never thought of blue like a color that really went with a rough-and-tumble rustic style until I saw that the space […]

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5 Queries for Design Stars

Your fellow Houzz users need your help! Share your creative ideas for splitting and connecting dining/living areas, designing a comfortable family kitchen or deciding upon an exterior trim. Pay attention to the week’s leading design dilemmas and post your ideas, please! Houzz Design Dilemmas 1. How can my living room transition to surrounding rooms ? […]

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Special Report: Bath Trends From Valencia

I just got back from Valencia, Spain, in which the Spanish tile, tub and stone industries have gathered for a massive trade show called Cevisama. The mood was someplace between ebullient and reveled, and Cevisama itself was a visual feast, full of items which have made me rethink everything I think I know about toilet […]

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Guest Picks: An Historical Autumn Picnic

I really like this time of year: the air turns crisp as the seasons change from warm to cool, the leaves change colour, the apples come to year… it is the perfect time for a picnic. You can savor the last of the summer heat and enjoy the start of a new year. So here […]

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