The way to Upholster Early American-Style Rocking Chairs With Cushions

It is difficult to resist the charm of Ancient American-style rocking chairs. They come in all shapes and sizes, but most feature tall backs with spindles, graceful armrests and aesthetic information. Just because they’re so pretty to look at, you might not want to cover them completely with pillows, that would conceal or detract from […]

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The way to repair the Eureka Vacuum 4870 Series

The Eureka 4870 Series vacuum is a vertical model which comes equipped with features including an upholstery nozzle, a crevice tool and a headlight to make cleaning the surfaces in your home easier. While the vacuum comes with a two-year limited warranty if it’s used in accordance with the operating instructions, you may encounter problems […]

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DIY Lawn Plug Aerator

Over the years, even the best-kept lawn becomes compacted and forms a dense, waterproof thatch. At some point, the thatch lessens the amount of air, water and nutrients that reach the grass roots. If renting an aerator to remove plugs is beyond your budget, homemade ones will likely do just fine as long as you […]

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