Styles and Designs of Outdoor Fences

Outside heels serve many functions in your lawn. They can extend the privacy of your home to your outdoor space, keep animals in or out of your lawn and delineate your space from that of your neighbors. When deciding upon an outdoor fence, you have many choices as far as materials and design. The most […]

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How to eliminate Tire Marks in an Yard

Mowing your lawn while it’s wet can cause unsightly tire tracks in your yard. The exact same thing sometimes happens if you mow in the exact same pattern over and over. You can just raise superficial tire marks back into place. Ruts more than 4 inches deep need more aggressive treatment. Although some experts recommend […]

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How to Drain a Garden

Excess rain or other exceptional conditions may cause temporary flooding on your backyard due to oversaturation, but those conditions are typically fleeting and rare. If you consistently have issues with standing water or mud on your backyard, then you will need to create a drain to remove the excess water. One way to do so […]

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To Fancy Up a White Picket Fence

A white picket fence adds a enchanting and homey feel to your yard and garden. It can, however, appear boring. Your personality is shown by making the picket fencing your personal and tastes. A fence which enhances your yard is created by adding hardware colour and plants. The fence is made a characteristic of your […]

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The Best Self-Seeding Annuals

Yearly plants germinate, flower and set seed in one growing season. They often provide repeated flushes of bloom and color, supplementing perennials and shrubs that may bloom only once a year. Self-seeding annuals provide gardeners the very best of two horticultural worlds, combining the advantages of annuals along with the simplicity of perennials, which return […]

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Landscapes Take Shape With 3-D Thinking

Inside our houses we organize our furniture to allow us to feel comfortable within our space. If the furniture is too close together it makes the room seem crowded; if it is spaced too far apart the room can feel featureless. This equilibrium between the bulky items (mass) along with the open area (the void), […]

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4 Fabulously Low-Maintenance Garden Focal Points

Fire and water create great focal points, however they are often high-maintenance additions to your landscape. There are plenty of other ways to draw eyes in a particular direction. Listed below are just four focal points which are simple to incorporate in a garden setting, regardless of its size or style. C.O.S Design Sculpture Strategically […]

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