Decrease Your Heating Bills With Some Simple Weather Stripping

Leaky stains around windows and doors are notoriously big issues for homeowners in locations with cold winters and humid summers, and they can cause bigger issues. Before adding insulation to your house, the most important step in making your house more comfortable is commanding air motion. The principle is pretty easy: plug the holes on […]

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Tearing Down a Wall? 6 Methods to Take Care of the Opening

Have you thought of removing that wall between your kitchen and dining area to create a larger eat-in kitchen? Or maybe unite two smaller bedrooms into a spacious master suite? There are many reasons to open up rooms to every other — it’s one of the most frequent requests I get in remodeling projects. Opening […]

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Three-Panel Doors Offer a Portal into Classic Style

From Arts and Crafts homes to contemporary ones, three-panel interior doors add architectural intrigue to doors using their clean, timeless style. Their compact, classic lines add a welcome element of architectural detailing. Together with three equal-size panels, the layout can be slick and modern or reminiscent of its Victorian origins. You’ll notice there are two […]

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Guest Groups: In the Heart, for the House

Adore your home or know somebody who does? Toss the conventional roses and chocolate out the window and give a gift this Valentine’s Day which reveals a little love to the home, if it be your own or somebody special’s. — Beth from The Modern Home Etsy Enjoy Sign by William Dohman – $42 Don’t […]

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Guest Picks: Papier-Mâché Pieces for Your House

Should you equate papier-mâché with a messy childhood art project, it’s time for a fresh outlook. Papier-mâché can be durable, fashionable and super simple to hang or proceed. In vivid colours, stark a little something involving, a papier-mâché piece is sure to spice up almost any decoration. These great pieces might even inspire you to […]

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5 Qualities of a Joyful Designer-Client Relationship

There is a rumor going around about designers and decorators — that we’re all bossy people who roll in to your own lives, whip together a design program, slap on a hefty fee and then steamroll through your house executing our vision, client be damned. Truth be told, the majority of us have strong opinions […]

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A Revolutionary Renovation at Connecticut

Annually before the Continental Congress adopted the Declaration of Independence, a Guy named Joseph Wheadon built a Small, one-room house in New Milford, Connecticut. Wheadon cut the lumber by hand and also scavenged base stones from the surrounding property. Following his premature death, a Greek Revival wing was constructed, followed by other less-distinctive additions. Over […]

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A Warm Washington Barn Rolls Out the Welcome Mat

This 1970s barn on a Whidbey Island farm in Washington state had become dilapidated and had dropped out of usage, but its owner loved its charm. Rather than knock down it, she brought it back to life, equaling lots of its original materials to create a cozy guesthouse for her kids and grandkids, also used […]

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