Shower Tile Design Options

A bathroom renovation may raise the value of your house, but you can be stumped regarding the sort of tile or design to choose for the shower. Plan to bring coordination and balance to the shower and bathroom to make it look as if the new tiles in the shower are part of the overall […]

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Cases of Table Decorations With Glass Cylinders

The glass cylinder is a mainstay of tabletop decor. Use it to float some flowers in plain water or to home a small tropical fish. Fill it with the season’s harvest from your pantry. Dump the leftover holiday decorations in it and find some real use out of them. Layer colored sweets at a pattern. […]

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What Color Should I Paint My Bathroom?

Color schemes frequently contained turquoise, particularly in baths and kitchens. Plain white walls against turquoise tile can make a room feel dated. If the tile is in good shape, bring it up to date. It is fine to keep white in the color scheme, particularly but many different neutrals and turquoise pair nicely together. To […]

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The Way to Recognize Chippendale Chair-Back Styles

A Chippendale seat commands respect as an expression of refinement and exquisite craftsmanship which has stood the test of time. The Chippendale style emerged after Thomas Chippendale published the first furniture catalogue,”The Gentleman and Cabinet Maker’s Director,” in 1754, which featured 160 engraved illustrations of trendy furniture layouts. Eventually, the term”Chippendale” turned into a shorthand […]

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10 Reasons to Love Lemony Hues

A friendlier and more versatile hue, you are never going to meet. Working together with every style, in every season, and solving decorating issues left and right, yellowish is something of a superhero in the colour world. Here are 10 reasons yellowish deserves a place in your property. Irvin Serrano 1. Yellow feels right at […]

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There's a Mouse in the House

Usually the thought of a little critter makes many people squirm, but not some homeowners. No, I am not talking about having a pet. I am talking about people who rooted for Jerry on Tom and Jerry, those who love Beatrix Potter or who will only look past the ick thing and think that these […]

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14 Rooms Abloom With Modern-Day Chintz

Chintz can be tricky. Its daring, old-fashioned flower prints may so easily tip into fusty English bed-and-breakfast if you’re not careful. But if you’re careful, it can add colour, texture and a touch of timeless elegance to your decor. Perhaps it’s chintz’s recent unpopularity that makes it an superb antidote to too trendy, high-minded design. […]

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Stretch Your Design Possibilities With Polyester

This substance surely has its upsides though polyester has gotten lots of flack before. While we often associate it with ’70s-style clothing, today’s polyester is used for everything from outdoor fabric to pillow stuffing to window panes. You’d be amazed at the pros of polyester — find out here, and see more about that which […]

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