14 Rooms Abloom With Modern-Day Chintz

Chintz can be tricky. Its daring, old-fashioned flower prints may so easily tip into fusty English bed-and-breakfast if you’re not careful. But if you’re careful, it can add colour, texture and a touch of timeless elegance to your decor. Perhaps it’s chintz’s recent unpopularity that makes it an superb antidote to too trendy, high-minded design. […]

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Stretch Your Design Possibilities With Polyester

This substance surely has its upsides though polyester has gotten lots of flack before. While we often associate it with ’70s-style clothing, today’s polyester is used for everything from outdoor fabric to pillow stuffing to window panes. You’d be amazed at the pros of polyester — find out here, and see more about that which […]

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City View: New Orleans Style Mixes It Up

We are continuing our suburban city exploration, this week studying all about the very rich history of design at New Orleans. Personally I can say this is the only U.S. city I’ve seen which made me feel like I was in another country because of its unique personality, culture and perspectives. I’ve asked New Orleans […]

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Groom Your Rooms With Kentucky Derby Decor

It is only one marquee horse race in the country, but there’s something about the Kentucky Derby that conjures a singular sense of love and refinement. Where I live it’s a significant cause for celebration — never mind both whole countries stand between Birmingham, Alabama, and Churchill Downs. I understand countless folks here in town […]

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It's Curtains for You

I’m a small fabric so adoring curtains makes sense. But it is not merely that; it is also that I’m somewhat scared of window treatments that are complicated. Fancy, layered drapes and taffeta balloon shades make me nervous. I enjoy the easy, vertical fall of a curtain. I like how readily they may be changed […]

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Food Art Adds Flavor to Rooms

Mother told you not to throw away your food, but she didn’t say not to hang it on the wall. If you are a food junkie and inspired by feasts, handmade or fruits candies, then express your tastes from your art collection. Keep reading to see ways to brighten any room with the colors and […]

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So That Your Design Is: Midcentury Modern

What it is: Midcentury modern style reappeared on our radar displays more than a decade ago, however, the wildly popular show Mad Men has pushed it further into the limelight. As its name implies, it spanned a period of about two and a half a year in the middle of the 20th century, by the […]

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Guest Groups: Mad Science

Wish to add a little personality to your home, but are not interested in stylish knickknacks? This month I am looking to vintage film science for inspiring and offbeat approaches to accessorize your home. Consider all those fantastic collections in silent movies and B-movie classics using their fun gadgets and astounding effects. Listed below are […]

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Cozy Elegance by the Lake

Michigan architects Visbeen Associates assembled this stunning lakefront home for a family of five in Rockford, Michigan. This shingle-style house is set directly on the coast of Silver Lake — a perfect setting for an active family who enjoys water sports. For the customers, the most significant thing was designing a home that would inspire […]

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