Changing the Valve Stems for John Deere Mower Tires

When one of the bolts on your John Deere mower keeps losing air slowly, but there is no evidence of a puncture, the problem is probably due to a faulty valve stem that’s allowing air to escape. Rather than spending the bucks to replace the entire tire when you don’t have to, only replace the […]

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Constructing Cross-Stitch Quilt Blocks

The challenge when assembling cross-stitch quilt blocks will be to emphasize the designs while making a distinction between the blocks, which you normally embroider on comparable background fabric. The remedy is to separate the blocks with narrow bands of a contrasting material, called sashing. Choose sashing fabric in a solid color that complements the cross-stitch […]

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How Much Room Does a Shower Stall Require?

Bathtubs and showers have shared one space within the bathroom, but separating both of these fixtures provides lots of benefits. Not only does it make showering more comfortable, but giving the bathtub its space can completely alter the appearance of your bathroom. Understand how much space a shower stall requires to ascertain whether you can […]

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