Layout Safer Halls and Stairs With Universal Lighting Strategies

On any remodel or new build, special consideration ought to be given to light stairs and halls. Navigating stairs can be challenging for individuals of all ages, for various reasons. Poor or diminishing eyesight afflicts some of us in life, for instance. Note: While not all of these photos include the universal design approach to […]

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Herringbone-Patterned Firebrick Requires Style to Hearth

As my husband and I gear up for our living room renovation, I have had fireplaces within my mind. More specifically I have been dreaming of herringbone-patterned firebrick. Firebrick outlines a firebox and retains the fire’s heat from penetrating the substances in and around the fireplace. In addition, it can withstand temperatures up to 2,200 […]

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Splashy, Colorful Fun for a Family of 5

Interior designer Mindi Freng fell in love for this property at a time when her and her husband weren’t actually looking for a house. But although the home’s size and its midcentury bones were big draws, “we knew that for us to be happy in the house, we needed to work hard at making it […]

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Community Thrives Along With a Garage-Top Garden

A set of Seattle designers, neighbors and city officials have upped the community gardening ante with the town’s first large-scale community garden on top of a 50-year-old garage. Somewhere on the market, Joni Mitchell is grinning. Eating neighborhood and preserving green spaces are healthful trends, but linking with neighbors is what really makes community gardening […]

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Go a Little Nutty With Acorn Decorations for Fall

As the weather starts to turn cool and chilly, it’s time to nestle in and bring out hot, soothing autumn-colored decorations. Pinecones, leaves and pumpkins have long been component of Thanksgiving; today acorns are starting to produce ground as a popular and conveniently free alternative for tabletops and mantels. Have a look at these DIY […]

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New Garden Styles Reveal Roots in Crafts and Arts Design

One of the intriguing style developments at the 2012 Chelsea Flower Show was that the “new English” style of planting that we saw in series gardens such as the M&G Investments Garden by Andy Sturgeon. This new style has origins at the Arts and Crafts gardens which were so well known in the early part […]

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Great Lakes Gardener's October Checklist

October is one of the very affecting weeks for the Great Lakes region of the United States. Temperatures can vary anywhere from highs in the 80s to cold enough for snow. So turn on a fan or turn the heat up and think about the changes October brings to foliage and blooms, the decorating and […]

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For Nursery Decor, What Is in a Name?

Decorating your home’s walls with words, quotes and phrases is an ongoing home decor fashion that can be easily personalized from the sweetest room of an abode: the nursery. The nursery functions as the epicenter of nine months of baby preparation decisions. You have no doubt thought long and hard about every detail, such as […]

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Central Plains Gardener's October Checklist

Between you and me, no other season comes near beating collapse. Perhaps it’s because when I was 10, my family moved to Minnesota in late summer, along with also my very first experiences in that new place were in deliciously cold, damp woods in fall. The chill, the candy mush of decomposing leaves and soil, […]

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