Cheery Paint Treatments Make for Happy Children

One of my goals when decorating our house is to make it a distance where we’re all comfortable. I want my children to feel as happy and inspired in their chambers as my husband and I feel in ours. As with most children and parents, that means two entirely different approaches. I feel inspired by […]

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Rooms Bloom with Daffodil Colors

I don’t know about your neck of the woods, but down here in Birmingham, Alabama, winter seems to have gone missing. I’ve spent days in T-shirts than in sweaters, and we have yet to acquire the yearly dusting of snow which shuts the city down and sends us scampering to clean out the stores from […]

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Lovely and bold Colour Combos: White, Black and Yellow

I am really getting to walk during the magnificent Viceroy Resort I Had just seen in pictures had me falling inlove with yellowish white and black all over again and in Palm Springs this week. Couturiers have taken this mix that was electrical and softened it, usually with innovative and enjoyable Hollywood Regency fashion. be […]

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