Cheery Paint Treatments Make for Happy Children

One of my goals when decorating our house is to make it a distance where we’re all comfortable. I want my children to feel as happy and inspired in their chambers as my husband and I feel in ours. As with most children and parents, that means two entirely different approaches.

I feel inspired by neutral, neutral spaces. My children, on the other hand, love color. They get excited by fun routines; I can practically see the wheels in their heads spinning when they’re in a space that stimulates them and their imagination.

Color and layout offer great ways to produce a kids’ space more “them.” An inexpensive material, when implemented in a thoughtful manner, can add personality and pizzazz which will have your children jumping for joy. Here are 8 great paint treatments that will leave you itching to head to the paint shop.

JAC Interiors

Employing an enjoyable pattern with numerous paint colors on one characteristic wall is a wonderful way to add a playful factor for your child’s space.

Benedict August

Adding paint within the bookshelves creates the cosmetic items pop, but the true star of the series is your striped ceiling.

Designs for Living

If you’re worried about adding pattern to the ceiling, then how about a great dash of color such as this glowing pink?

Lizette Marie Interior Design

I love this idea of adding white text over black paint. The room shown here gets got the alphabet written out, but you could customize your wall to fit your child’s personality.


I’m sure the car and road shown on the left wall in this image are decals, however, the orange line around the outside of the space adds a wonderful splash of color to this otherwise contemporary kids’ space.

Benedict August

Paint is a trendy, enjoyable finish, especially in kids’ spaces. Adding inspirational quotations or positive messages will surely brighten up your children’s day.

How to Make Your Own Chalkboard Paint

Lilli Design

The color scheme of the room is calming, but the layout onto the wall and the red details prevent it from getting dull. It’s a distance your kid may easily grow into.

Soorikian Architecture

If you’re still feeling anxious about brightly painted wall treatments, have your kids create brilliant art on large canvases, then hang the functions within their room. You are going to get the color they crave without the dedication.

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