How to Paint Vinyl Awnings

Nothing compares to a fresh coat of paint to restore the tired or worn appearance of a cherished object. This may be especially true of vinyl awnings, which may suffer the ravages of cold, heat, rain, snow and especially the sun. With a couple cans of spray paint created specifically to adhere to vinyl, you […]

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Homemade Self-Watering Garden Containers

If you’ve ever developed anything in a container or pot, you are likely knowledgeable about containers’ one huge flaw: Their soil tends to dry out very fast. To be able to combat that issue, use self-watering containers. You’ll probably find lots of setups and plans at garden centers, but it is simple to create your […]

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Cedar Deck Staining Procedure

Weather and foot traffic are the primary reasons to safeguard a bamboo deck with stain. Based on how moist your climate is, you may need to wash and apply deck staining products every 2 years or so. If you reside in a dry climate, you may not need to stain the cedar deck in any […]

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How Long Does Bathtub Reglazing Last?

Reglazing a bathtub eliminates chips, scratches and stains, and is an inexpensive means to rejuvenate an old fixture. When done, a bathtub can look just like brand new and with appropriate care, it can last for years. Just how long that the new finish continues depends on who implemented the materials that he used, the […]

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How to Fill a Planter Box When Leaving in Pots

If you alter the plants on your planter box frequently, leaving them in their pots makes the job easier. Leaving nonhardy plants in their pots also makes it simple to pluck them in the planter, clean them off and take them indoors for winter. It’s not a good idea to leave small plants in 4-inch […]

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The way to Use A Power Washer on Wood

A power washer may efficiently wash dirt and even strip paint off of wood shingles, decking and exterior furniture, but using one can be risky. Based on how much pressure you use and also the width of the spray pattern, you can seriously gouge and splinter the wood you’re brushing. The best power washers for […]

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Will Excessive Water Make Ceramic Tiles Loose?

Most tile used in moisture-prone places is waterproof, and the tile itself isn’t damaged by an inordinate amount of water. Grout and mortar, on the other hand, can deteriorate under moist conditions and demands protection or the tile may begin to lift away from the wall or ground. Grout Isn’t Forever Even in the bathtub […]

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How to Paint Wainscotting in Kitchens

Traditional wainscoting in early American houses served the function of protecting the lower third of the kitchen wall from water, but now, its main goal is decorative. Contemporary wainscoting may be made from wood or medium density fiberboard, and it frequently comes pre-finished. Whether it’s already painted or not, it is possible to paint it […]

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