How to Tighten the Refrigerator Door to a Kenmore Elite

A fridge can simply keep your food cool in case its doors shut properly. A loose door is prone to swing open, enabling room-temperature air to get in and spoil your own food. The right way to tighten the doorway in your Kenmore Elite refrigerator depends upon the model you might have. Fix Feet Unplug […]

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The way to Fix the Elastic in Sheets

Waking to locate your fitted sheet rumpled in the middle of the bed is no way to start the day. Replacing the worn out elastic in the corners of the sheets is a fast fix. Even if you’re not especially skilled at using a sewing machine, then you can measure, snip and sew fresh elastic […]

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Ways to Increase Raspberries

The two principal types of red raspberries (Rubus idaeus) are summer-bearing cultivars that produce one crop in the first summer and actually-bearing cultivars that create a spring and fall crop. Raspberries are usually planted in rows, as well as their canes are trained to develop wire trellises along. For those who have a little backyard, […]

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