Cedar Deck Staining Procedure

Weather and foot traffic are the primary reasons to safeguard a bamboo deck with stain. Based on how moist your climate is, you may need to wash and apply deck staining products every 2 years or so. If you reside in a dry climate, you may not need to stain the cedar deck in any way.

Deck Preparation

Before putting any merchandise on a new deck or reapplying merchandise to an current deck, you need to wash it completely. Some disagreement whether to use a power washer to wash the deck or a spray nozzle attached to a garden hose. If the spray tip is too strong on the washer, it may create gouge marks in the timber. Typically, the timber simply needs a fantastic cleaning with water sprayed from the hose, but compound deck cleaners are available to help remove stains brought on by food and other wear. A mixture of one part household bleach to 3 parts water helps remove mildew from the timber. Oxygen bleach is another cleaning option that effectively cleans the timber and removes mildew.


The next stage of deck preparation is trimming the wood to smooth its fibers. Before beginning sanding, inspect all of the screws on the deck planks to ensure they are below the surface. A new deck just requires a light sanding using fine-grit abrasive. An older deck requires sanding using coarse-grit abrasive to remove the remnants of old stain or water-repellent products. The next step is to sand using medium-grit abrasive. Adhere to the medium grit with fine-grit abrasive. Sand the stairs, railing posts and handrails with fine-grit abrasive as well. All sanding should stick to the natural grain direction of the timber.

Product Selection

Water-repellent preservatives provide an oily coating that permeates the wood fibers and leaves them water-repellent and mould resistant. While they’re simple to apply, they do not last as long as other goods and itt may be required to reapply them yearly. Semitransparent stains change the colour of the cedar decking. The stain penetrates the wood and also helps conserve it. The colour may last several years, depending upon weather and foot traffic on the deck. Stains are a bit more difficult to apply. You have to avoid overlapping the color. If you apply to much stain, it gets the timber shiny yet does not include any more protection.


As soon as it’s possible to use a roller or sprayer to apply deck stain, a paintbrush is the best way to get the product into all the wood grain. Apply all products together with the grain and take care to function the protective product into the exposed ends of any wood. Also, listen to all sides of the deck of the railing system.

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