Programming an MVP Garage Door Opener

MVP’s garage door openers have three parts: the transmitter, the doorway operator and the receiver. Each has to be programmed separately before you can use the system. You must program the transmitter first, since the code you produce on it must then be programmed to the doorway receiver and operator in order that they recognize […]

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The way to produce a Drapery for a sizable Triangular Window

A triangular window is a design feature that will provide you fits when it’s time to include drapes. The odd and impressive shape frames the perspective in an interesting manner — and frames you in see if you can’t work out how to do the drapes. There’s a way, as stunning as the window itself, […]

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Upholstery Techniques for Antique Rockers

A vintage antique rocker’s most appealing characteristic is the cushioned connection between your bones as well as the framework of the seat. The attractiveness of a plain wood seat may hit you hard in the bones and spine with no foam or fabric and epoxy intervening. Enjoy the touch of history a vintage rocker adds […]

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