The way to Restore Modern Wire Furniture

Traditional metallic cable furniture, preferred by Mid-Century Modern designers, was usually made of steel. That made the bits both durable and exposed, because scratches, wear and exposure to the components could strip away protective coatings and initiate the process of rust and corrosion. If your cable furniture needs restoring, then you get a messy job […]

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Making Picture Frame Corner Protectors

When you’re shipping, moving or storing framed artwork, protecting the corners of the frame from damage may protect the whole frame, glass, and photograph, print or painting. A knock to your corner could shatter or crack glass or disfigure the framework, perhaps puncturing or tearing the artwork inside it. Corner protectors are affordable, and also […]

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Reupholstering a Sofa With Sheets

The sofa has great bones, but the upholstery is an eyesore. Your budget isn’t fabulous enough to pay for the cost of having the sofa recovered — or even for the purchase of a few fantastic upholstery fabric and doing it yourself. Raid your linen closet for a short term way that may turn that […]

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