Cedar Deck Staining Procedure

Weather and foot traffic are the primary reasons to safeguard a bamboo deck with stain. Based on how moist your climate is, you may need to wash and apply deck staining products every 2 years or so. If you reside in a dry climate, you may not need to stain the cedar deck in any […]

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Is It Safe to Use Styrofoam in Planters for Herbs?

Container gardening lets gardeners grow vegetables in tiny spaces like balconies and patios. In addition, it gives gardeners the flexibility to move the containers based on the weather, such as sliding them under the overhang during a potentially damaging thunderstorm. Huge containers frequently require filler in the seams, and foam chunks or peanuts can fulfill […]

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Can Roots of Crape Myrtles Break Concrete?

Crape myrtle (Lagerstroemia spp.) Is a fast to reasonably fast growing shrub or small tree. Increasing in U.S. Department of Agriculture plant hardiness zones 6 through 12, crape myrtles experience and cause several problems in the landscape. To restrict challenges with this particular plant, selecting an appropriate species and site are significant considerations. Colorful Crape […]

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About the Magnolia Flower

Magnolias (Magnolia spp.) Are typical flowering trees located in landscapes through U.S. Department of Agriculture plant hardiness zones 3 through 9, depending on cultivar. The blossoms of the East Asian and North American natives appear to be butterflies ready to take to the atmosphere, lending an easy and free feeling to homes and gardens. Primitive […]

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What Is a Wild Rose Plant?

Like garden roses, wild roses belong to this Rosa plant family. Although hardiness varies, most wild roses are tough plants that tolerate a variety of temperatures in U.S. Department of Agriculture plant hardiness zones 5 through 10. Wild roses are known by a variety of common names, including pasture rose, Scotch briar or prairie rose. […]

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The way to Shorten a Curtain Cord

Curtains hung on a traverse rod open and close when you pull the curtain cord. The amount of your curtain cord will be dependent on the width of your window, so you may have to shorten it. If you use a tension pulley with your drapes, you need to shorten the cord to ensure the […]

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How to Attain a Cutout Countertop

Interior redesigns frequently require a new countertop where a sink is set up in a kitchen or toilet. The project includes removing the present sink and countertop and installing a new countertop using a cutout for the sink . Granite, tile and metallic countertops should be changed by a professional who has the tools and […]

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How to Prune a Young Avocado Plant

Prune young avocado trees (Persea americana) in the spring prior to blooming or in the first summer after fruit have set. Minor pruning can be done at any given time, but avoid heavy pruning late in the season to stop stimulating growth that is too vulnerable to cold weather. Avocado trees require little pruning, only […]

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