Kitchen of the Week: Artfully Etched at Denver

Custom engravings on reclaimed barn wood and a very functional design add to the exceptional vibe of the artistic and practical Denver kitchen. The owners were ready for an update to their 1950s setup. One, a professional chef, wanted a space that would function well and allow dinner guests to see him cook without their […]

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The Way to Paint Brick Like a Pro

Even though the idea of painting a brick wall leaves some people blanch in terror, but there are instances when it is reasonable. So let us assume you’ve done your homework, weighed the advantages and disadvantages, listened to a barrage of opinions and decided to forge ahead. What is next? Follow these tips for repainting […]

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22 Divine Draperies That Indulge and Delight

If you crave genuinely beautiful draperies, get some ideas from these eye-popping, luxurious illustrations fit for design and palaces icons such as Coco Chanel. Oh, yes, all of these are custom draperies — nary a tab-top panel from a big-box shop in sight. As you proceed through these pictures, notice how two common denominators set […]

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What Is Your Summer Home Style?

Virtually every year, my family makes the long drive from Providence, Rhode Island, to the Outer Banks of North Carolina to vacation at a rental home on the shore. At some point during the driveway, we inevitably circle around to a favourite topic for debate: If you could purchase a holiday house anywhere you wanted, […]

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From Toilet to Play Pavilion in Seattle

Tucked in the back of a Craftsman home in Seattle is a two-wheeled freestanding garage which reimagines the family room. Rather than a space based around a tv, the garage became a multipurpose pavilion which struggles the household to engage in play and actions. “My customers now have a large multipurpose space on the second […]

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Dentil Molding

Dentil is a decorative molding using rectangular cubes evenly spaced. Largely utilized in classical architecture, dentil molding gets its title from the Latin “dens,” meaning “teeth” The group of dentils can endeavor underneath the cornice along the roofline of a building or appear in ceilings, furniture or built-ins. Emily McCall Dentil molding is utilized along […]

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Create a Memorable Backyard Movie Night

There’s something so romantic about watching films outdoors. The huge screen, snuggling up under blankets when it gets cold and being able to catch whatever you like to eat or drink from the home top my list of reasons to try this at home. Have a look at these truly magnificent examples of garden screening […]

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Bifold Door

A entrance door has panels that pleat on hinges. The burden of the doorway hangs from a track over and remains vertical with the support of a track below. Possessing the door fold in the center takes up less space than a traditional door when it’s open. Some bifold doors slide into pockets, so they’re […]

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