The Way to Paint Brick Like a Pro

Even though the idea of painting a brick wall leaves some people blanch in terror, but there are instances when it is reasonable. So let us assume you’ve done your homework, weighed the advantages and disadvantages, listened to a barrage of opinions and decided to forge ahead. What is next? Follow these tips for repainting the paint roller to provide a brick surface new life.

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Destroys your mortar. Is it crumbling or otherwise ineffective, or are there any gaps which have to be fixed? If that’s the case, address those before you even consider shuffling through paint chips. You may probably seal minor holes with spackle or caulk, but significant damage means a telephone to your regional mason.

Scrubwash and wash a little more. Paint never adheres perfectly to a cluttered surface (and also, you hazard sealing in the odd cobweb, dead insect or piece of lint). Utilize a stiff-bristled brush and a small dish soap diluted in water to wash the brick thoroughly, then wipe it down with a dry cloth. Let the bricks dry before painting is started by you.

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Select the appropriate tools. Brick is heavily textured, which means you’ll need painting supplies that may handle its pits and crevices. Pick pliers using a very long nap and press difficult as you roll to push paint into tiny holes, or use a sprayer for the most even results.

You’re probably going to need a brush to look after mortar lines and cut around doorways or windows. Because of brick’s rough edges, cutting is not as easy as it is on a smooth surface, so use a brush which you may control around bumps and crags.

Prime it right. Use a primer that’s created for masonry and use it in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions. (You will almost always need more than 1 coat.) Let it dry thoroughly between coats.

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Pick your finish. Brick frequently looks finest painted in a somewhat glossy finish, which highlights its detail greater than a matte one and makes it easier to wipe clean. Utilize a 100 percent oil paint and spray or roll one to two coats of your preferred color. Happy painting!

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