Hanging Furniture for Swinging Bathrooms

I’ll admit it, I’m a swinger. I love hammocks, porch swings and hanging beds. And I particularly love them indoors. Possessing a hanging seat or a bed inside automatically adds playfulness to the space. In addition, it lightens up a space, appearing to produce more space and a bit more atmosphere.

These 14 examples illustrate how hanging furniture can work in many different kinds of rooms with many different kinds of aesthetics. But they don’t have one thing in common: a touch of this permanent vacation. What’s a hammock aside from an invitation to relax?

Kerrie L. Kelly

This dangling loveseat is the best place for an afternoon snooze. Additionally, it adds something unique to this traditional living space.

Designer Kerrie Kelly had this bit custom made with stained wood and drilled holes to the rope. “We lagged hooks into the ceiling and created the beehive knots after it had been looped through,” she states.

No floor space for a seat in the bedroom? How about ceiling space? You can curl up with a fantastic book. And the real bonus: Chairs such as this run about $50.

Escale layout

An elegant black dangling couch. There’s no lazy Dagwood vibe.

Swing, baby! These rattan amounts have a clearly ’70s feel.

This is not technically inside, but OMG, I couldn’t resist. Romantic afternoons, family story time and solo naps. This item from Floating Bed is made with a stainless steel blouse having an adjustable-tension stitched coating plus a memory foam mattress on top. A small slice of heaven.

Inga Romberga (IngaBerga)

Who wants one of those fancy electric baby swingers when you have a fantastic old-fashioned hammock seat such as this Chill Out Chair from Latvia? Infants the world over spend their naptimes in these.

Tewes Design

The space-age variant: the Eero Aarnio Bubble Chair. Nothing hippie about it.


Knotted Melati Hanging Chair, Blue Motif – $498

Still another hanging bubble chair, groovy in a different way.


We have this amazing PS Svinga seat from Ikea hanging out, but there is no reason it can’t come in.

Cathleen Gouveia Design

A stylish hanging mattress. It adds a sense of spaciousness to this room, but it’s sturdy enough so it won’t make you seasick.


Barnwood Hanging Bed – $2,898

A simple, contemporary hanging mattress. Or you could DIY with ropes and a very secure connection to a solid beam above.

Jeffrey Post

The deluxe porch swing: an invitation to nap.

Brian Watford Interiors

A bunk room with living beds. Nautical, but not overly nautical.

Visbeen Architects

Hanging bunk beds. The very best is called by me.

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