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Wish to add a little personality to your home, but are not interested in stylish knickknacks? This month I am looking to vintage film science for inspiring and offbeat approaches to accessorize your home. Consider all those fantastic collections in silent movies and B-movie classics using their fun gadgets and astounding effects. Listed below are a few ideas that’ll add just a little jolt of life into the most moribund decoration! — Lori from automatism

Mr Perswall

The Art of Learning Wallpaper – $55.81

Turn the dullest room into a minute Einstein hangout with this amazing vinyl wallpaper in the Swedish company Mr. Perswall. Called”The Art of Learning,” this fun design by K. Edgren Nyborg would definitely make any workplace an inspirational one.


Vintage Loud Speaker Retrofitted for iPod, iPhone by Austin Modern – $725

This fantastic WWII air-raid siren has been retrofitted as a loudspeaker for the stereo, computer or iPod. At a pinch you can use it to warn the neighboring villagers if your creature gets loose !


Missoula Large Bowl – $34.95

Extended hours in the laboratory will render even the most dedicated mad scientist using a case of the munchies. Possessing the aluminum Missoula Bowl from Crate and Barrel available and full of pretzels (or whatever it is that angry scientists like to snack on) will keep the work going right into the wee hours — that is when all of the exciting stuff usually happens, anyhow.

Modern50 | Artist Collective & Atelier

Vintage Bauhaus Steel Cafe Stools – $660

You are going to want something to sit on when you return to the drawing board following another experiment goes awry. This set of German, 1930s Vintage Bauhaus Steel Cafe Stools from Modern 50 would make a comfortable perch as you workout that formulation. Again.


Tall Corked Mini Terrariums – $17

Reminiscent of test tubes, these sweet little terrariums of atmosphere plants in corked glass containers are 3 inches tall and a little over half an inch wide, ideal for anybody with limited space. They make excellent conversation pieces, too — only say you found them growing on a strange luminous meteorite that landed in your garden.


Dorado Nickel Square Mirror – $199

Why not observe your own transformation from mild-mannered scientist into Wolf Man or Woman in design with this retro-influenced Dorado Nickel Square Mirror? You will look great both before and after.


Vintage Chrome Table Lamp by Hindsvik – $85

Looking like part of the gear used to animate the creature in Frankenstein’s laboratory, this large, midcentury, chrome table lamp would look good adding just a little light during a late-night reading of Mary Shelley’s classic novel.

Modern50 | Artist Collective & Atelier

Vintage Mercantile Window Screen Folding Table – $1,200

It’s always easy to have a big work surface in the laboratory, and this lovely folding table from Modern 50 will definitely offer you a lot of room for each one the reports, test tubes and other paraphernalia you’ll want to get cracking on these experiments.

Chandra”habit”H21611 Rug, 2’x3′ – $875

Reminding me a little of formulation diagrams in older mathematics textbooks, the tasteful interlocked mobile design of this Plinko Wool Rug would look fantastic in either a traditional or a contemporary home. It might add a little structured pattern to the most casual space.


Molecule Construction Set – $79.95

I adore this Molecule Construction Set; it is a decorative thing which can be constructed any way you wish. The bright, cheerful colours would add a playful note to any inside. It would be ideal for working out how to flip that fish into a walking swamp creature.

West Elm

Gates Chair – $699

If you’re spending a great deal of time in the laboratory, you’re going to want a comfy chair to sit and brood over where you went wrong with that formulation. The Gates Chair in West Elm is an elegant update of the traditional wing chair, and it’ll definitely provide you with a nice place to rethink those numbers.

Haus Interior

Vintage Scale – $275

Make sure that you’ve got just the correct quantity of wolfsbane for this fantastic vintage scale from Haus. Concocting that secret potion only got more hip!


Tajika Cast Iron Scissors – CAD 68

Keep your workout desk looking great with some of these elegant Tajika Cast Iron Scissors. They are fantastic for snipping off the string from mysterious parcels from faraway lands.


Giant Antique 1920s Mazda Westinghouse Lightbulb by Austin Modern – $22

Insert a bright note to your home with this miniature Antique 1920s Mazda Westinghouse Lightbulb. It’ll seem like you’re in the midst of working in your own giant robot.

Modern50 | Artist Collective & Atelier

Rustic Victorian Apothecary Medical Cabinet – $2,200

Keep your secret formula safely out of harm’s way in this amazing cabinet from Modern 50. I really like the patina and form of this unique piece.


Nalini Shadow Box-Terrarium – $79.95

Show off your collection of scientific curiosities in the glossy, freestanding, glass and brass shadow box in Crate and Barrel. A hinged door makes it effortless to change up your displays too: this week, fossils; next week, who knows.


Cast Iron Casserole

Keep dinner simmering well as you work on the details of your time machine in this timeless Cast-Iron Casserole. And if the time machine works outside, you can see firsthand the original inspiration for this layout.

Old Flip Clock, by Todd McLellan – $24

This wonderful print by photographer Todd McLellan is a disassembled flip clock. It’s ideal for adorning the walls of the secret underground laboratory, where you tend to spend a lot of time working on putting together your robot military (which also has a great deal of fiddly bits).

West Elm

Metal Tipped Coat Rack – $199

Hang up your laboratory coat at the close of the afternoon on this solid wood coat rack from West Elm. Its easy form is a wonderful contrast to all that scientific jumble on your workplace.

Modern Karibou

ferm LIVING Ceramic Vase 5 – CAD 87.50

Add a little design straight out of this classic silent film Metropolis to your work place with this geometric vase by Ferm Living. It’ll store pencils and rulers just as well as it will store blossoms.

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