Guest Groups: Say It with Cushions

I was planning a roundup of cushions of all styles but I kept coming across each these wonderful examples motivated by one of my favorite things: typography. But letters in decor are not just for layout nerds like me. Depending on the design you choose, they can add a playful touch to any style of room — whether it is rustic, traditional, retro or contemporary. — Alicia from Allergic Sort A


Ooh La La Pillow by Alexandra Ferguson – $99.99

If you prefer your Francophile accessories more funky than froufrou, try out this felted cushion.

The Wooden Crate

French Style Cushion with’&’ Symbol – AUD 31.40

So I’m obsessed with ampersands. So far as I’m concerned, the bigger the better.


Beaufort Cushion – AUD 34.95

I’m a bit gaga over turn-of-the-century advertising posters, therefore it is no surprise that I was instantly taken by this stuffed version.


Coffee Cushion – Red with Bean – AUD 39.95

You can’t get a whole lot more rustic than the usual calico sofa, so this could be a great addition to your shabby-style residence, particularly if you have kids or pets who are fond of ruining delicate fabrics.

Hard to Discover

Dairy Cushion – AUD 85

Immortalize an endangered species — the most iconic Australian corner shop — in your house with this pillow.

Hard to Discover

Patch Print Cushion – AUD 65

This pillow mixes up typography with layouts and images to get a classy patchwork look.


Personalize a Postcard Pillow by Olive Handmade – $36

Look closer: This is really a custom postcard on a pillow! What a wonderful gift for a housewarming or a far-flung buddy.

top3 by design

Iconic Cushion Arch – AUD 85

One of my favorite decorating tricks is playing with scale by blowing up everyday things to make attributes. Inside this pillow, a casual ticket stub becomes a unique keepsake.


Poem Cushion by My Bearded Pigeon – $53.80

Your sofa will truly beckon one to slow down and relax with the addition of this pillow with a beautiful poem.


‘All You need is Love’ Cushion from Me and Amber – AUD 95

Whatever you need is love — plus a couple of pretty accessories.


Canberra Bus Scroll Cushion Cover – AUD 35

This is for those of you still digging the bus scroll trend. And there’s a bonus: You can buy this cushion guilt-free from Blue Caravan, the ethical layout market.


Seaside Cushion – GBP 48.50

This is a sweet felted pillow you’ll be able to snuggle up to while dreaming about your next holiday.


Google Pillow 2010 by Elastic Co. – $69

I could not resist throwing this one in here for my brother, who just got a job at Google. You guessed it — it is a list of their most-searched terms from last year.

Bonjour mon coussin

Ice Cushion – EUR 34

How interesting is this pillow featuring a’50s ice cream shop advertisement? It would be ideal for a tween girl’s room.

Bonjour mon coussin

Kraft Cushion

The bold yet layered appearance of this typographic pattern could add a punch to a contemporary space.

Bonjour mon coussin

Oiseau Cusion – EUR 9

There are a ton of French ephemera-style cushions out there in the moment, and after some time they start looking a bit twee. This attractiveness, on the other hand, is so perfectly executed that it might just change my mind.


Spelling Cushions – $65

Taking the typography concept one step farther, these tweed cushions are actually from the shapes of letters. They are a exceptional way to denote the his-and-hers sides of the mattress, particularly for another anniversary present.


Since When Pillow in Lime – $59

The fun twist of lime in this pillow will freshen up a contemporary living room.


UK Map Pillow Cushion Cover by My Bearded Pigeon

Get your cartography fix without leaving the sofa with a vintage map cushion from the Australian company My Bearded Pigeon.

Hard to Discover

Latin Herbal Cushion – AUD 75

Typographic design doesn’t have to be bold and contemporary. If traditional and subtle is more your thing, pick up one of these designs featuring pages from a Latin herb book.

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