Soften Modern Landscape Lines With Plants

Have you ever stepped inside an area that was stunning but was only missing some thing that you could not put your finger on? Have you walked into a room and felt like there were also many boxy shapes everywhere, too many lines closing in on you from all sides?

These distances simply need a bit of green. You see, sometimes even a superbly designed space reads dead with no curves and motion of plants. Join me today as we look at eight excellent ways to split up all those lines.

Michael Lee Architects

This space is airy and light full of utilizing glass and line to their full potential. Without plantings, but the hallway would appear boxlike and dead. The accession of spiky foliage highlights the height of the space while dividing the sparseness.

John Lum Architecture, Inc.. AIA

Overhead, climbing vines can do the job of a hundred canvases, making breaks in the flat lines of the arbor. Employing little creepers such as thyme or’dragon’s blood’ sedum in the cracks of the walk divide the big squares of cement.

Rossington Architecture

In this outdoor example, the horizontal lines will be the attention. Notice the horizontals of the fencing, the lattice above, the planter under and the siding of the home. The floorboards are a vertical echo of that same broad horizontal line. The way to break up all those thick lines? Add plants. The varying textures, heights and leaf shapes of these plants give this space much-needed relief in the flat.

Amy Renea

In case you have a broad expanse of porch that seems too heavy with vertical balusters, lean a simple trellis against the line and train up a vine and over the support. The trellis itself divides the line, while the plant creates curve and motion.

A morning glory is observed here, but any climbing buds, bean or pea blossom would also work well in this program.

Resolution: 4 Architecture

This bit of architecture is stunning. The contours are weighted and balanced well; the rectangular types are somewhat fascinating. The inherent ribbing on the exterior is just another layer of texture and interest, but these wispy lines of grass tickling the bottom border of the structure make the structure nestle to its surroundings. Visually, the motion of the long grass breaks up the exactness of the architectural line.

Debora carl landscape design

Metal ribbed panels may read industrial and cold, but whimsical grasses make them come alive. The perpendicular line of these grasses echoes the line of the ribbing but goes with the wind. Also observe the bright green ground-hugging plants on the wall’s top and bottom.

Cary Bernstein Architect

This beautiful house is intended to highlight various rectangular shapes. From simple squares to elongated rectangles, the windows and walls are fit to a perfect mystery. The one problem? All those squares can read as overly mathematical, also sterile. Trees that split into the lines of the house make all the difference.

Do you have long lines of pavement begging for a couple curves? Consider inserting circular soddings instead of the classic square plots — you will find the lines of traditional garden bedding with the ease of a lawn.

Whether you are working with an entire house design, a simple deck inclusion or even an interior space, don’t forget to add a couple plants when you need to break up your lines.

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