The way to take out the Gasoline Tank to a John Deere L118 Lawn Tractor

Like any gas-powered lawn tool with a plastic fuel tank, on occasion the tank on a John Deere’s L118 riding mower must be removed for repair, replacement or cleaning. The tank is near the surface of the primary compartment, therefore reaching it’s fairly straightforward. When it’s removed, you can find a clear look in any […]

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The way to Install Carpeting on Steps and Stairways

Carpeting on stairways serves many purposes. Subdued carpeting, close to the color of the stair steps, will vanish into the woodwork while providing protection for the treads and feeling thicker in your feet. Bold carpeting, cascading down the staircase, draws the eye up the stairwell and to the second floor. Poorly attached carpeting is a […]

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The Initial Adjustment to a Leaf Blower Engine

When the timing is out of adjustment in your leaf blower’s carburetor, the blower may run so gradually that it reacts during surgery or so quickly that it is in a constant state of overdrive — and both situations make using it tough. Instead of continuing on with the issue, adjust the initial timing to […]

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