Island Life and Love in the Bahamas

Dave and Phoebe Gale traveled to the Bahamas as newlyweds in 1954 Rather than left. After nearly 60 years of marriage, the couple has never owned a vehicle, connecting to the external world from their 5-acre island, Parrot Cay, entirely by ship. In 2011 Dave published a book chronicling their island life, titled Below Another […]

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Three-Panel Doors Offer a Portal into Classic Style

From Arts and Crafts homes to contemporary ones, three-panel interior doors add architectural intrigue to doors using their clean, timeless style. Their compact, classic lines add a welcome element of architectural detailing. Together with three equal-size panels, the layout can be slick and modern or reminiscent of its Victorian origins. You’ll notice there are two […]

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Landscapes Take Shape With 3-D Thinking

Inside our houses we organize our furniture to allow us to feel comfortable within our space. If the furniture is too close together it makes the room seem crowded; if it is spaced too far apart the room can feel featureless. This equilibrium between the bulky items (mass) along with the open area (the void), […]

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Fun With Scrabble Round the House

Pay attention Scrabble nerds, this ideabook is for us (yes, I am one too; while I’m not good enough to create OXYPHENBUTAZONE occur, and I haven’t been thrown off a plane for refusing to stop playing, it’s an obsession of mine). Tons of Scrabble lovers love the Scrabble aesthetic, as well as the graphics have […]

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The Single Crib Style That's Ideal for Any Nursery

After attending approximately 30 weddings in the last couple of years, I am approaching the baby-boom stage of life. And with that come toddlers asks from friends. Regardless of what anybody’s style, age or lifestyle is, I urge Jenny Lind–fashion cribs and beds. Their whimsical spool foliage can quickly work in a conventional, transitional or […]

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Cheery Paint Treatments Make for Happy Children

One of my goals when decorating our house is to make it a distance where we’re all comfortable. I want my children to feel as happy and inspired in their chambers as my husband and I feel in ours. As with most children and parents, that means two entirely different approaches. I feel inspired by […]

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Woodsy Ranch Presents Complex Comfort

“It’s a family affair” is the underlying theme behind the story of this charming home. The house had a shingled house, but it was commandeered from the owners’ children and grandchildren. So the couple decided to make a household compound. They hired Brooks Walker of Walker Warner Architects to construct them a huge ranch house […]

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Eclectic Home in Spain Lets the Light In

Interior designer Mireia Pla made this eclectic-contemporary apartment in Barcelona, Spain, with no particular style in mind. Instead she focused on evoking a sense of warmth without sacrificing the trendy sensibilities of her customer, a professional woman in the fashion industry. “We wanted a house that was classic, cozy and comfy,” states Pla. Using white […]

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