Fun With Scrabble Round the House

Pay attention Scrabble nerds, this ideabook is for us (yes, I am one too; while I’m not good enough to create OXYPHENBUTAZONE occur, and I haven’t been thrown off a plane for refusing to stop playing, it’s an obsession of mine). Tons of Scrabble lovers love the Scrabble aesthetic, as well as the graphics have been making their way not only onto social media websites, but also into house d├ęcor. Here’s a look.


PLAY Scrabble Letter Pillows – $98

On the sofa, it is only worth 9 points, but what better pillows for a playroom than P-L-A-Y?

Ellen Kennon Design

I can not think of a better place to play with a buddy than on a breezy porch onto a spring day.

Atypical Type A

Blogger Alicia of Atypical Sort A loves to use Scrabble tile round the house; she used them within her wedding tablescapes. Here four tiles spelling”HOME” add a good amount of white space into a wall of art.

Atypical Type A

Scrabble tiles create interesting refrigerator magnets. They’re the grownup version of those brightly colored alphabets that people stick to the fridge for kids.

Mustard Seed Interiors

A inviting message lined up on a classic chalkboard sets the tiles to good use.

Cozy Little House

In Brenda’s cozy small house in Texas, red tiles leave a message while a quilt of squares looks like a colorful Scrabble board.

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Martin Construction and Remodeling

This patio is for true Scrabble fans !

Graham and Green

Scrabble Mugs – W – GBP 6.95

Letter mugs with all the Scrabble enthusiast’s initial on it create a great gift for anyone who loves the game.


Scrabble Tea Towel – AUD 19.95

This tea towel is a fun gift for a Scrabble fanatic. Use it as a powder room hand towel during Scrabble night with friends.


Scrabble Crossword Game – $18.60

While playing far-flung friends on Facebook is entertaining, the original game with all the wooden tiles and board is the best for us purists. My mother and I play whenever we get together, especially if we are in a house that doesn’t have a tv. How do you like to Scrabble?

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