The Best Way to Touch Up Ceiling Tiles on a Drop Ceiling

The ceiling tiles you use to get a fall ceiling has to be lightweight; therefore, the majority of them are made from fiberboard, which is a mixture of wood fibers, chemicals and adhesives to make the tiles fire-resistant. Lightweight fiberboard readily absorbs water, and that means you require specific paint to touch up chipped or […]

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How to Estimate Price for Vinyl Windows

Vinyl-clad windows are usually among the cheapest replacement windows. But even though the normal cost of vinyl windows is less than that of wood-frame windows, higher-end vinyl windows could be pricey. As you are estimating the possible cost of vinyl windows, then it is best to begin with an average cost and identify the aspects […]

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5 Qualities of a Joyful Designer-Client Relationship

There is a rumor going around about designers and decorators — that we’re all bossy people who roll in to your own lives, whip together a design program, slap on a hefty fee and then steamroll through your house executing our vision, client be damned. Truth be told, the majority of us have strong opinions […]

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A Revolutionary Renovation at Connecticut

Annually before the Continental Congress adopted the Declaration of Independence, a Guy named Joseph Wheadon built a Small, one-room house in New Milford, Connecticut. Wheadon cut the lumber by hand and also scavenged base stones from the surrounding property. Following his premature death, a Greek Revival wing was constructed, followed by other less-distinctive additions. Over […]

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Container Garden Basics: How and When to Water Potted Plants

“How often do I need to water?” Is usually the first question I get from clients after completing their container gardens. It’s an important matter, and the simple, honest answer is that you ought to water as often as the plant requires. But determining when, how much and how often can be more complicated. A […]

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A Warm Washington Barn Rolls Out the Welcome Mat

This 1970s barn on a Whidbey Island farm in Washington state had become dilapidated and had dropped out of usage, but its owner loved its charm. Rather than knock down it, she brought it back to life, equaling lots of its original materials to create a cozy guesthouse for her kids and grandkids, also used […]

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Love Your Living Room: How to Benefit from a Huge Space

If you’re lucky enough to have a living space on the larger side, don’t let it overwhelm you — operate with it! Clever lighting, additional architectural features along with a thoughtful furniture program can make your living room a location that feels cozy instead of cavernous. Follow these methods to make a living room in […]

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Move Cuckoo for Surfaces and Coconut Furniture

When I first came across coconut as a furniture material several decades back, the idea absolutey intrigued me. Coconut shell and palm timber are usually industry by-products, typically either burned or thrown into landfills. However, a number of producers have taken up the challenge to change those waste materials. Nusa, Kirei, Omarno and Plyboo are […]

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