The way to Boost Philippine Vegetables

Philippine cooking relies on a number of exotic vegetables paired with more trivial vegetable varieties. Paliya or bitter melon is eaten with meat and other vegetables. Pechay or pak choi, which can be a mild flavored cabbage, is served in stews and soups. Sitaw, a type of long string bean, and Talong, a type of […]

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Which Will Be the Seed Pods on My Pink Oleander?

Berries, nuts and cones — all are examples of the plants reproduce the seeds which ensure reproduction. One of them, the capsule, or seed pod, is one of the most basic, and oleanders are no exception. Like all types, seeds are uncommon on pink oleanders. When they do appear, the pods that are easy, efficient […]

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Is Jewelweed Edible?

Jewelweed (Impatiens spp.) Is a tenacious annual that grows in swampy and shady areas. While jewelweed is edible, you need to cook most components of it to eliminate the potentially harmful compounds it includes before consuming it. How to Eat Jewelweed Jewelweed produces seed pods that harmlessly burst when touched, sending the seeds flying through […]

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