Can I Invest My IRA Funds?

Many financial services companies won’t permit you to put money into real estate in an individual retirement account, or IRA, thanks to the growing amount of paperwork required and the additional Internal Revenue Service regulations that must be followed. However, the IRS does not strictly prohibit real estate investments in IRAs. Penalties can be severe […]

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The Way to Deed a House

It is simple to deed a home from 1 relative to another in California, and doing so does not call for the services of a lawyer. Sole owners who would like to transfer ownership to a relative must complete a gift deed. If the property is owned by at least two family members, and ownership […]

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What Happens After a Foreclosure to a HELOC?

A home equity credit line, or”HELOC,” is a form of second mortgage that gives you a credit line based upon the equity you take in your house. After foreclosure, the equity you enjoyed in your property disappears together with your ability to produce new purchases with your line of credit. This does not, however, exonerate […]

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How Do I Receive a Retrospective Home Appraisal?

A retrospective appraisal determines a home’s value in the past and may significantly impact legal issues, like an estate proceeding. Retrospective evaluations are done when establishing the property’s value at a previous date is necessary, as can occur when the homeowner dies and the estate is selling the property months afterwards. The inheritance taxes due […]

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