The Excellent Kitchen Cabinet Cleanup

Think you may have too much material in your kitchen cabinets? If you even hesitated answering that question, you do. The Kitchen Studio of Glen Ellyn News flash: To cook great meals and entertain like a champ, you don’t need five spatulas or even more frying pans than you have burners. An expert chef can […]

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A Kitchen With Vintage Style

This sweet 145-square-foot kitchen in Piedmont, California, “is meant to be on the humble side,” says architect Robert Kelly. “Ninety-five percentage of us live in tiny kitchens, and this kitchen has everything we need and want. Almost all magazine kitchens are big kitchens, but they aren’t what many of us have space for or desire.” […]

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Your Own Kitchen: Farmhouse Sinks

What’s not to adore about farmhouse style apron front sinks? They are evocative of the country lifestyle, however you will discover their minimalist aesthetic looks good with contemporary cabinets. And the best part is how well they function: They are extra heavy, and the front of the sink remains exposed which reduces the”reach-over” to get […]

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