Special Report: Bath Trends From Valencia

I just got back from Valencia, Spain, in which the Spanish tile, tub and stone industries have gathered for a massive trade show called Cevisama. The mood was someplace between ebullient and reveled, and Cevisama itself was a visual feast, full of items which have made me rethink everything I think I know about toilet […]

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Guest Picks: An Historical Autumn Picnic

I really like this time of year: the air turns crisp as the seasons change from warm to cool, the leaves change colour, the apples come to year… it is the perfect time for a picnic. You can savor the last of the summer heat and enjoy the start of a new year. So here […]

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Off the Beaten Path: Delightful Alcove Spaces

My favourite place to see the hustle and bustle at New York’s Grand Central Station is from one of the staircase overlooking the main concourse. From that vantage point I get to be a component of all the activity in that fantastic space while being secure along the periphery. Whether for artwork, a mattress, a […]

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Paint Picks

Coral is a tricky paint colour that lots of don’t record as a favorite, but I think that it’s a terrific color that is just misunderstood. Coral is frequently associated with tropical or coastal interiors, and for that reason a lot of men and women are reluctant to use it outside of an oceanfront atmosphere. […]

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Top Patio Doors Design Trends for 2018

Many choices are available nowadays when choosing patio Birmingham painting. This is mainly because patios are no longer just a gateway between your inner and outer areas, and more often than not, they’re being used to add a stylish transition between the two, helping them in many cases to become one space. The doors you […]

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