Guest Picks: An Historical Autumn Picnic

I really like this time of year: the air turns crisp as the seasons change from warm to cool, the leaves change colour, the apples come to year… it is the perfect time for a picnic. You can savor the last of the summer heat and enjoy the start of a new year. So here are my essentials for the perfect picnic that is change-in-season! — Lillian from Unstitched


Avoca Plaid Throw – $168

The plaid as well as the colours of this throw absolutely represent rustic autumn to me a fantastic addition to any fall picnic.

West Elm

Curved Magazine Basket – $49

These woven baskets would be the supreme chic update on the traditional picnic basket. Fantastic for keeping all of the magazines you haven’t had the time to read however, taking them to some secluded spot and catching up!


Petite Watering Can – $24

This adorable little watering can not just has a fantastic colour (hello, mustard!) , in addition, it has such a fantastic shape to it also! I really like the curves of the deal — it really causes this can so exceptional, and it just stands at eight inches tall.

Papa Stour

Cotton Shopper – GBP 14

I really like anything with birds or stags on them. This eco-friendly bag is the best carry-all for a picnic!


Korbo Baskets – $225

These sturdy wire baskets are like an upgraded picnic basket. They have been made in Sweden since the 1920s and are very durable. Good in caliber, you know that it’ll last through any weather or storm.

One Sydney Road

Colorful Foutas – $40

I’ve been buying up foutas left and right recently. These towels are so lightweight and flexible — you can use it as a sarong from the beach, a picnic blanket, or even a light shawl when the wind picks up!


Algoma 13′ Organic Cotton Rope Hammock – $92

It is never too late in the year to enjoy lounging in a hammock. As the season gets chilly, bring a blanket and a book with you, and enjoy lounging outdoors. Do not let the weather stop you!

Rare Device

Milk Bottle with Cork Cap – $30

Bring a glass jar of fresh water or juice with lemon and simmer to get a refreshing picnic beverage. I adore the look of classic glass bottles; they do not make them frequently anymore, so it is wonderful to get back a little the old-time charm.

Brook Farm General Store

Pair of Linen Trays – $48

Trays immediately make any space appear pulled-together and posh. I love piling vases, books and decorative objects to create a tiny vignette. And they are necessary for picnics to maintain beverages on!

One Sydney Road

Cozy Throw – $230

This luxurious throw is made with 100% wool felt. This was on my wishlist for the longest time… I just look at it and feel cozy.


Dimpled Pane Candle Baskets – $18

Simple candle holders such as these add the perfect touch of romance. This one would be helpful to shield against the wind, if you decide to stay picnicking a bit longer.


Martha Stewart Collection Set of 2 Mini Cake Stands – $29

There is nothing really like cake stands to earn any dinner into a party. Spruce up your picnic using these small products.


Ball Wide-Mouth Mason Canning Jar 1 Qt., Case of 12 – $19.59

There’s something really rustic and cozy concerning Mason jars. These would be the perfect cups to serve beverages for an outdoor picnic.

Corsica Wine & Cheese Picnic Basket – $44.95

A chic new sort of picnic basket! This one works for an elegant picnic, in which the menu requires wine and cheese.

Sweet Lulu

Wooden Utensils – $5

These wooden utensils are so eco-friendly, they look the most suitable choice for eating outside.

Poppy Red Bistro Chair – $99

I really like bistro chairs — they immediately remind me of Paris. This would be the perfect chic accessory for a picnic… and it is red. J’adore.


Pressed Lace Pitcher – $98

This pitcher is so unique in its shape and fashion. I really like the fairytale, whimsical look of it.


Striped Paper Pin Wheels – $14

I always love including a little whimsy and fun to any time spent outside. These pinwheels would include a dash of fun.

Historical Industries

Red Coffee Pot – $32

This gorgeous coffee pot would be helpful for any picnic or camping trip. I really like the bold color and the basic lines.


Piscine Lantern – $88

This lantern is so textural and crisp! Additionally, it has a bit of that global, eclectic feel. It would work well for light the way home from the picnic.

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