Frank Lloyd Wright's Prairie Triumph Returns

Frank Lloyd Wright’s Prairie-style homes are some of the most recognizable pieces of residential architecture of the 20th century. Realized mainly in the first decade of the previous century, the homes have low-pitched roofs, horizontal windows, brick walls and heavy overhangs as signature components, and they simultaneously stand out from and echo the apartment complexes […]

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Box Joinery

Box joinery (also known as box joint) primarily joins sides to create boxes, both large and small, such as trunks, chests and drawers. Notches are cut to fit in an interlocking manner, increasing surface area to permit for more glue strength and requiring minimal (if any) fasteners. Box also helps to keep the parts square. […]

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Lace Goes Modern in an Upholsterer's DIY Pendant Lights

These delicate DIY pendants fulfill the performance of providing the right illumination for the front of my studio, and they also reflect the specific nature of my job: fabric, texture, DIY-ibility, shape and form. These beauties require just a little forethought to create but will earn a stunning, chubby lighting invoice for your home. After […]

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14 Rooms Abloom With Modern-Day Chintz

Chintz can be tricky. Its daring, old-fashioned flower prints may so easily tip into fusty English bed-and-breakfast if you’re not careful. But if you’re careful, it can add colour, texture and a touch of timeless elegance to your decor. Perhaps it’s chintz’s recent unpopularity that makes it an superb antidote to too trendy, high-minded design. […]

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9 Holiday Farmsteads Offer a Taste of Country Life

Forget posh resorts in the hearts of bustling shopping districts and downtown cores. Fast-paced urban living is hardly what flying is all about. That is why overworked travelers are reveling in agritourism, heading for remote hills and valleys in search of rustic farmhouses where they could delight in rolling greenery and landscapes and maybe milk, […]

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