How to Purchase Real Estate in an Auction

At real estate auctions the auction house, the company that conducts auctions, acts as the intermediary between the seller and the purchaser. It’s not necessary to have a real estate agent represent you in an auction. Real estate offered in auctions is sold”as-is,” significance in its current condition on the day of the sale–no repairs […]

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Can I Add a Credit Line for My Mortgage?

Homeowners who have equity in their homes have flexibility in selecting how to access that equity. Some homeowners choose to refinance the entire first mortgage employing a cash-out refinance. Some choose to acquire a fixed-rate next mortgage. Other people prefer to get a home equity line of credit, or HELOC, as a second mortgage. Such […]

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Guest Groups: Feeling Foxy

Just like birds and owls, foxes are popping up all around the home decor world. I have to admit, I’m loving this trend. Some of these items have a masculine vibe to them, while others provide a more earthy texture. If you’re not so confident about this trend nonetheless, see because it might just grow […]

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Guest Groups: Hardworking Hardware

I get lots of emails from website readers and questions from friends when it comes to hardware for the home. Whether you are looking for curtain rods, pulls for your kitchen drawers or even a pay for an air compressor, there are plenty beautiful of options out there. Listed below are a couple of of […]

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Guest Groups: Gustavian Style

The combination of Swedish flavor with fashions imported by King Gustav III during his reign from the late 18th century account for the vast majority of the decorative influences of that period in Sweden. The look that gathered influences from several European courts (mainly France, Italy and England), became famous as the “Gustavian” style. Gustavian […]

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