How to Build a Brick Garden Wall

Short and simple garden walls can be built using a single Wythe and with only a single row of bricks. However, these types of walls are not that durable. In fact, you can even push them with your hand. On the other hand, double Wythe brick walls are stronger, although if they are longer than […]

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Quick Fix: Easy Toe-Kick Lighting

Toe-kick lighting in the bathroom or kitchen can be both practical and good-looking. Once it functions as a type of route light for rooms in which additional safety measures are required, it can also add a sense of depth and warmth to a room. The price of installing LED light strips (what many builders suggest […]

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Sudden Combination: Blue and Rustic Rooms

What kinds of rooms do you think about when you consider this color blue? I picture cool Art Deco Miami, coastal cottages, possibly an elegant area designed around a exotic ikat print. I had never thought of blue like a color that really went with a rough-and-tumble rustic style until I saw that the space […]

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5 Queries for Design Stars

Your fellow Houzz users need your help! Share your creative ideas for splitting and connecting dining/living areas, designing a comfortable family kitchen or deciding upon an exterior trim. Pay attention to the week’s leading design dilemmas and post your ideas, please! Houzz Design Dilemmas 1. How can my living room transition to surrounding rooms ? […]

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