How to Build a Brick Garden Wall

Short and simple garden walls can be built using a single Wythe and with only a single row of bricks. However, these types of walls are not that durable. In fact, you can even push them with your hand. On the other hand, double Wythe brick walls are stronger, although if they are longer than two feet, they might not be too durable to use as retaining walls. So hiring professional Irvine handyman contractors to build a brick garden wall is a good idea.

But if you want to learn how to build a brick garden wall, here are some things you need to know.

Working with Mortar

handyman Irvine professionals are capable of throwing neat line of mortar with just the right amount of thickness fast and easy. You cannot expect to work in the same way with only a couple of hours of practice. However, you should be able to learn how to throw mortar, enough to construct a straight garden brick wall that has neat joints.

You can mix the mortar using a shovel or hoe in a mortar tray or wheelbarrow. Scoop the mortar from the mixing container, although it’s usually much easier to load a shovelful into a piece of plywood that’s about 16-inch in dimension, and you can work from there. Mix a 1/3 bag of mortar with some water, just enough for the mixture to become thick so it can hold its shape once you cut ridges on it using a trowel.

Building a Brick Wall

Before you begin laying the bricks, create a story pole so you can easily measure the bricks for the most appropriate height. Arrange a number of bricks making sure to put a 3/8-inch of space in between them. Afterward, lay a length of 1 by 4 or 1 by 2 right beside the bricks, and then put a mark to indicate the center of the mortar joint.

Lay the First Bricks

Beginning at the corner, throw in a line of mortar on the first three bricks. Lay and install the first brick. Butter the tip of the other bricks and lay them. Then push the bricks into place and check if the centers of the joints are within the pencil marks. Repeat the process for the second Wythe and bricks to work on the adjoining wall.

Lay the Header Course

Make sure you know the proper way of stacking the bricks. As you lay the bricks, hold a level against the joints every now and then and check if they are lined well vertically. For a common bond, a header course will require two 3/4 bricks as well as two 1/4 bricks. Scrape any excess mortar as you proceed. Every now and then, inspect the joints and see if they have to be struck.

On the final step, brush any excess mortar when it starts to harden or appear crumbly. When the mortar smears, wait a few minutes more before you proceed. You should be able to wipe any smears using a damp sponge.

If you find the process of building the brick walls complicated, it may be best to leave it to professional handyman Irvine CA contractors.