Quick Fix: Easy Toe-Kick Lighting

Toe-kick lighting in the bathroom or kitchen can be both practical and good-looking. Once it functions as a type of route light for rooms in which additional safety measures are required, it can also add a sense of depth and warmth to a room.

The price of installing LED light strips (what many builders suggest using), can add up fast, but the team at BY DESIGN Custom Remodeling in Hawaii has produced a simple solution.

Mal Corboy Design

Instead of opting for LED light strips or recessed toe-kick lighting, Michelle Turner and Brian Rigney suggest utilizing basic 120V plug-in LED rope lighting. “The price is considerably less than the 12V LED light strips,” says Turner.

BY DESIGN Builders

Wish to make it convenient? Try using an electrician link a wall switch into the socket where the LED rope lighting is plugged in. It is going to make turning the lighting on a great deal more convenient and permit you to hide cords and outlets.


LED Flexbrite Pre-Pack LED Kit

This LED Flexbrite rope by American Lighting comes in a variety of different lengths and average out to about $6 a foot. Made from a sturdy PVC material, these linkable pieces give off almost no heat for optimum safety.

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