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Coral is a tricky paint colour that lots of don’t record as a favorite, but I think that it’s a terrific color that is just misunderstood. Coral is frequently associated with tropical or coastal interiors, and for that reason a lot of men and women are reluctant to use it outside of an oceanfront atmosphere. It will describe the warm colors that define real coral reef. It is also the color you’ll see inside many sea shells, but do not confine this colour to a beach home. Coral is also the colour of the sky at sunrise and dusk. I feel it is one of nature’s many eye-catching colours, and with a variety of tones that range from reds to rose to crimson, it works nicely in many areas.

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Peg Berens Interior Design LLC

Red Coral. For a dose of play, choose a rich color of coral which has reddish undertones. This colour is a bit warmer than pure red, but is striking nonetheless.

Paint select: Italiano Rose 2087-30 by Benjamin Moore


Pink Coral. Because coral pulls from the red and orange, you are going to find the benefits of each color which leads to a warm, cozy and cheerful space. The fiery, pink tones are very romantic — ideal for your bedroom.

Paint select: Ardent Coral 6874 by Sherwin Williams

Vanni Archive/Architectural Photography

Salmon. Do not let this color’s name turn you away. Steak is between pink and cherry, so it is lively and welcoming. In the open areas of your house, salmon may be refreshing departure from more common neutrals such as beige and tan.

Paint select: Perky Peach 2012-50 by Benjamin Moore

Chambers + Chambers Architects

Blush. Light, pink tints are very elegant and bring a unique elegance to a conventional space. With its delicate look, this silent hue adds just a touch of colour and warmth.

Paint select: Angelic 6602 by Sherwin Williams

RLH Studio

Rose. Muted warm pinks are often called rose. This understated color can be seen in historical and conventional spaces, and it is a mainstay from the Victorian colour palette.

Paint select: Mellow Coral 6324 by Sherwin Williams

Kelly Porter

Apricot. This color is pretty much synonymous with coralreefs, but apricot tends to be earthier and much more muted. In specifying the paint colors for this space, I took hints straight from my customer’s art. A mid-tone apricot worked perfectly for the walls, while a lighter pink coral highlighted the tray ceiling.

Paint colors used: Chrysanthemum 6347 (walls) and Smoky Salmon 6331 (ceiling) by Sherwin Williams


Persimmon. This color leans more towards the orange side of coral, however, it’s still possible to view its slightly reddish undertones. It is a delicate, mid-tone colour that is reminiscent of many rusty-orange colors of autumn.

Paint select: Fresno 020 by Benjamin Moore


Orange Coral. This color can be best called a vivid, fruity orange. It has strong red undertones, and it creates an amazing and unforgettable accent colour.

Paint select: Daring 6879 by Sherwin Williams

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