Top Patio Doors Design Trends for 2018

Many choices are available nowadays when choosing patio Birmingham painting. This is mainly because patios are no longer just a gateway between your inner and outer areas, and more often than not, they’re being used to add a stylish transition between the two, helping them in many cases to become one space.

The doors you can choose from range from Sliding/French-Sliding to In/Out-Swing French, as well as Pocket-Moving glass walls, Bi-Fold Moving glass walls and Stacking Moving glass walls, depending on your preferences.

You can be as creative as you want in 2018 by using some of the following top trends:

Indoor Outdoor Living

This trend is becoming very popular, irrespective of the size of your outdoor area. By uniting your outdoor patio space as an extension of your indoor space, you will either take a small area and make it larger, more comfortable and accessible or take a large area and make it expansive and roomy. Moving-glass wall systems are the best option to create this effect, especially if your outdoor decking is fitted with some kind of covering and is equipped with even simple furnishings.

Expansive Glass

These days, you don’t have to own a luxury home in order to incorporate floor to ceiling glass walls, or multi-panel door systems. In fact, there are actually a number of ways to use glass walls in your house.

This is one of the best and most cost-effective ways to increase your outdoor view, while at the same time ensuring that you get to enjoy as much daylight and ventilation as possible. You can do this by combining patio and windows in repetition to maximize the use of your available wall space.

Energy Efficiency

Considering the environment and conserving energy is always a good way to go, even if you can’t quite see how a patio door can be energy-efficient. However, they can be, both in terms of what they are made of and where they are installed. Try dual pane glass for improved insulation, or gas-filled spacers for improved thermal performance.

Black Patio Door Frames

For both contemporary and traditional homes, patio Birmingham painters which have dark exterior colors not only reduce the need for regular window treatment but they create a visual attraction that makes for a bold statement, especially when contrasted with light colored walls.

Clean Lines

Finally, most of the indoor and outdoor design trends in 2018 revolve around clean lines and open spaces, so why not incorporate this theme when choosing a patio door? The use of aluminum, ideally with slim frames, gives a streamlined appearance in both windows and patio painters Birmingham, AL, and creates space by drawing the eye outwards rather than inwards.

The finishing touches are up to you, but 2018 is set to be a great year in design, as it boasts timeless trends and a wide array of options to suit all tastes and preferences.