Three-Panel Doors Offer a Portal into Classic Style

From Arts and Crafts homes to contemporary ones, three-panel interior doors add architectural intrigue to doors using their clean, timeless style. Their compact, classic lines add a welcome element of architectural detailing. Together with three equal-size panels, the layout can be slick and modern or reminiscent of its Victorian origins. You’ll notice there are two variants of this door design: a formal door with five raised panels plus a newer, simpler flat-panel layout. Both are guaranteed to refresh any doorjamb into your dwelling.

Structures Building Company

Painted, raised panels float within the frame of this three-panel door rather than being glued. This strategy allows for expansion and contraction of the 3 panels.

Kitchens & Baths

The classic three-panel flat door looks amazing in pocket form.

Benchland Homes & Design

Two single three-panel swing doors have been hung together in the exact same jamb here; they open in the center.

Busby Cabinets

Three-panel doors blend well with other rich architectural information. In this toilet a three-panel door complements a tall baseboard and crown molding.

Avonlea Homes

Not to be taken too seriously, a three-paneler can work wonderfully in robin’s egg blue.

Kristi Spouse Interiors

Flat three-panel doors are often utilized in Arts and Crafts homes. Combined with a Craftsman header, these doors are architectural stone.

Signature Design & Cabinetry LLC

These days most interior doors have been painted, but these flat panels show off the natural beauty of the wood grain.

A level three-panel door painted white pops against this bedroom’s dark grey wall.

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