4 Fabulously Low-Maintenance Garden Focal Points

Fire and water create great focal points, however they are often high-maintenance additions to your landscape. There are plenty of other ways to draw eyes in a particular direction. Listed below are just four focal points which are simple to incorporate in a garden setting, regardless of its size or style.

C.O.S Design


Strategically placed sculptures could become both an indoor and outside focal point and make a stronger link between living spaces.

Cassy Aoyagi, FormLA Landscaping

This extraordinary piece from Charme d’ Antan draws the eye across the full knot garden and evokes the character of 1930s France.


While serious, sophisticated sculptures certainly capture focus, interesting sculptures also draw attention to your garden and place a playful tone.

Glenna Partridge Garden Design


This fiery reddish tree occupies the series. Its fall color shines from the greenery and the dark colors of the terrace.

Contrasting colors in foliage control focus, as well.


Circle Pots – $89

Displaying containers is another very simple way to add a vibrant focus.


An extraordinary tree in your landscape is a tall, natural focal point that entices the eye.

Flora Grubb Gardens

Vertical Garden DIY Panel – $79.95

Do you have a little garden area? Vertical foliage remains an opportunity with DIY and ready-to-go wall products.

Colors Of Green Landscape Architecture

This twirling vertical cellphone from tillandsia bewitched visitors at Dwell on Design 2010. A piece like this takes some time to make, but once it’s created, it is relatively simple to keep.

C.O.S Design

Outdoor Wall Art

This space-defining focal point draws the eye to the outside seating area and produces a feeling of destination.

Tell us : Have you applied one of those strategies on your own garden? Please discuss it!

Garden Sculptures Shape the Landscape

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