22 Divine Draperies That Indulge and Delight

If you crave genuinely beautiful draperies, get some ideas from these eye-popping, luxurious illustrations fit for design and palaces icons such as Coco Chanel. Oh, yes, all of these are custom draperies — nary a tab-top panel from a big-box shop in sight. As you proceed through these pictures, notice how two common denominators set these designs apart:

1. Volume and yardage. Even in the event that you use only decorative panels, which you’re never pull closed, you’ll require a minimum width of 1 1/2 times the typical panel on all sides of the window to keep the look from feeling scrawny. Notice that there’s a good deal of fabric in each of them. Instead of going with the minimum quantity of fabric, custom draperies have enough breadth to create a feeling of luxury and opulence. They are inclined to go floor to ceiling. Plus they match the window perfectly. Nothing here is dangling five inches over the floor.

2. Beautiful cloth. You will see silk, velvet and linen. Polyester, not too much. Beautiful fabrics possess a high price tag, but they are worthwhile. They feel better, hang and elevate your entire space.

Glenn Gissler Design

Countless yards of luscious peachy-gold fabric swept dramatically to the side create a luxurious statement. This cloth has such a lovely drape. Look how compactly it all folds together below the tieback.

Rick Hoge

Drapes aren’t just for windows. These opulent embroidered drapes frame a grand entrance. I love the way the sheer is fanned out on the opposite side of the entrance. My friends who understand my modern and minimalist tendencies will be surprised to know that I secretly covet luscious draperies that puddle out on the floor like this.

Regrettably, I’ve cats who’d flake out on the bottom of them, believing I had at last provided them with a suitably glamorous spot to sleep.

Ownby Design

This is one of my all-time-favorite inspiration photographs for drapes. I love the pattern from the sheer cloth and the method by which in which the day light comes through. They cover a part of the window, nevertheless they seem to add to the view rather than cover it. These are a great style solution for those giant arched windows that have no space on either side for draperies to be pulled back away from the glass.


I shudder to think how many yards of cloth it took to create this triple-layered window therapy. Nevertheless, it was worth every inch. Soft pink at the center is merged with dusky violet to both sides and then the final, top layer is deep, muted plum. Just stunning.

Cravotta Interiors

Velvet is a richly textured fabric that shimmers in reduced light. If you’re looking for a sexy and intimate cloth for bedroom drapery, you may want to consider velvet.

RLH Studio

If Coco Chanel had draperies, I bet that they looked something like this. The button at the peak of each pleat is a subtle and complicated touch. Do you enjoy the break in the cloth at the bottom? It adds just a small amount of visual movement and is ideal to get a drape that will remain stationary so that you don’t need to arrange it when panels have been opened and shut.

Interiors by Myriam, LLC

Hardware is like jewellery for drapes. These diamond-shaped holders (click photo to view full view) are showstoppers over this lush drapery panel.

This thick double pair of drapes is fit for a palace. Notice how beautifully scaled the tiebacks and tassels are into the volume of the drapes. Those materials are to die for. I just want to touch them.

Chloe Warner

Drapes don’t need to be elaborate and heavy to be spectacular. These minimalist, ripple-fold drapes are just right for the feeling of floating over the city. Though they are minimalist in style, there’s still a great deal of quantity in the total amount of yardage, and they go floor to ceiling. I love the silver detail at the hem.

Debbie Evans Interior Design

This unique, asymmetrical drapery arrangement is a fantastic solution to get a window that follows a vaulted ceiling form. The accession of the white helps create definition on the line of drape.

Dawn Sercia Designs

These draperies, along with this ottoman, make me think about a wedding cake — quite tender and light in texture. Instead of using tiebacks into swag drapes into the side, the designer used them to include quantity by lifting the drapes partway down. Are you designing a bridal showroom? Take notes!

You don’t need to match your drapes in the same area, but they should organize. In other pictures of this chamber, there’s a different window into the right that matches the one on the left. In such an huge area, I think distinct window treatments are more intriguing than having three in a row exactly the same. The fabrics and triple colors are just stunning.

Reaume Construction & Design

Metallic fabrics always add elegance. These silk draperies in metallic gold are so Hollywood! The sheers are coordinated with a little gold trim on the edge.

Studio William Hefner

After some of those elaborate draperies in preceding photographs, these mild drapes are just like a breath of fresh air. Sheer cloth on the upper portion allows light to flow in even in the event that you choose to shut the panels to get more privacy.

Alex Amend Photography

Even teenagers have dream drapes. This eye-popping color is so much fun and can be perfectly matched to the artwork and the ceiling therapy.

Van H. Robinson

This is just another fantastic example of metallic fabric for drapes. The length and volume combine to provide this bedroom a soft, intimate feel.

Cravotta Interiors

Are not these drapes perfect for being next to this exquisite secretary desk? The ripples from the drapery and the gold cloth echo the desk’s shapes and colors.

Liz Williams Interiors

Sometimes just the smallest thing, such as this delicate trim on the edge, generates that look that says “custom”

Elad Gonen

Lightweight drapes over sheers keep this window therapy feeling airy at a space with a mild, neutral palette.

Jennifer Bevan Interiors

Within this grand rotunda (how often do you get to use the word “rotunda”?) That the drapery panels around the lower level spread their wings like butterflies or angels. They include much-needed color and warmth into the white area.

Twist Interior Design

These drapes might not be enormous, but take a look at the sensual, asymmetrical swag of the sheer and the drapery. Silver metallic provides shine, and the sheer underneath has a little silver also. Beautiful.

PHX Architecture

These bright green drapes within this bright sitting area make me think of spring. They are cheerful, and they maintain their own next to fabulous leaded-glass windows.

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