Bifold Door

A entrance door has panels that pleat on hinges. The burden of the doorway hangs from a track over and remains vertical with the support of a track below. Possessing the door fold in the center takes up less space than a traditional door when it’s open. Some bifold doors slide into pockets, so they’re concealed when not in use.

Gaulhofer Windows

Bifold doors are similar to floor-to-ceiling windows — that open.

David Churchill – Architectural Photographer

If a traditional door were used in this area, valuable space could be lost together with the swing of the door.

Modern Craft Construction, LLC

Bifold doors are common on closets and in laundry rooms.

LaCantina Doors

A entrance door can fold to one side of the doorway or both.

Menter Byrne Architects

The best benefit of a bifold door is that you could open it a bit or a lot.

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