Patio Pavers Go Green in Between

The overall sustainability of a property significantly improves. They replenish the groundwater table with filtered water, reduce runoff and its effects on town infrastructure, and enhance heat island effect.

Permeable patios are not just responsible and wise, they often add a magical variability into a general aesthetic. Not too long ago, I wrote about slopes made from pavers and dirt. The look was loved by many but had concerns about upkeep. If your heart is torn between green and clean, pavers with foliage joints might be the right route — or patio — for you.

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As is the case with pavers and dirt, the pavers create the room easy to traverse, while the foliage allows moisture to permeate and creates a more relaxed aesthetic than a large, monotonous hardscape.

In moist climates like this one, mosses make for joints that are appropriate.

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In California and other dry climates, choosing a drought-tolerant floor cover such as dymondia will further boost the sustainability of the space.

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The larger and more textured the pavers, the cleaner the look.

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A low-lying ground cover also makes it easier to keep spotless perfection.

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Joints do not need to be large to produce the desired permeability.

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The simple, clean break in this patio, as an instance, allows water to permeate. From a design perspective, it also breaks up what might be a cold patio, adding the warmth of flowering foliage and drawing the eye into the outside living area.

What do you believe? Is this the permeable look for you?

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