Create a Memorable Backyard Movie Night

There’s something so romantic about watching films outdoors. The huge screen, snuggling up under blankets when it gets cold and being able to catch whatever you like to eat or drink from the home top my list of reasons to try this at home. Have a look at these truly magnificent examples of garden screening areas, then get outfitted with all the tech gear you want to make this dream a reality.

Belzberg Architects

See the Options. Positioned over the seat, this built-in picture screen re-creates the feel of a timeless drive-in movie theater, reinforcing the slick 1950’s lines of this contemporary home but with an electronic age upgrade.

Belzberg Architects

These blessed homeowners may also see movies from the top level terrace off the primary home.

Campion Platt Interiors

Evaluate your lawn. The very first step would be to take a look around the exterior of your property. Have you got a blank wall accessible? That could be the ideal spot for your silver screen (or a white sheet). You’ll also need a small dining table or a stool to place the projector along with also a seating area — although a patch of lawn functions just as well as a whole outdoor living room.


ViewSonic Projector – $538

Gear up. Digital projectors are small and lightweight, and operate by simply hooking up to your laptop. Prices are coming down in recent years — this version supports HD video signals and is currently available for $328.89 on Amazon as I write this.


Epson PowerLite Home Cinema 5010 3-D HD Projector – $2,799.99

Take it to another level. This wonderful high-def projector from Epson can show films in 3-D, so slip on your 3-D glasses and reunite. Your home just became the hottest one in the area.

TIC Guru Series TF-S15CN Outdoor Speaker – $327.49

Bring the sound. If you are in need of a new outdoor audio system, why don’t you get speakers that mix? This rocklike set from Overstock is adorable, and it’s so much easier to leave a set in place than to cart out speakers each time that you want to watch a movie.

Screen Paint – $189

Make a DIY silver screen. If you would like an upgrade from the white sheet (and you have the space on an exterior wall) contemplate using screen paint. This product can transform any wall into an HD-projector-quality screen — use the outside version of the paint for your garden theater, and it will stand up to the components and greatly improve picture quality.

Design Within Reach

Outfit your seating area. A crackling fire may heat toes on cold spring nights, and the innovative Chester Lit Sofa from Design Within Reach provides a soft glow from its hidden inside lights.


Camp Chef Outdoor Movie Screen – $199.99

Do not let lack of a wall prevent you. In case you don’t have a useable exterior wall, then you may want to invest in an outdoor movie screen, like this one from Camp Chef. You can put it anywhere and even take it with your vacation home.

Escale design

Do not forget interesting details. A backyard film-screening party may be a whole-neighborhood occasion or a romantic evening for two. In any event, the small touches make it a night to remember.

Listed below are a few things to consider for your next garden picture night:
Line the walkway with lanterns — they increase the ambience and assist people see their way back into the house.Make freshly popped popcorn (not microwaved!) With interesting additions like Parmesan cheese and herbs.Provide throw pillows and blankets so everyone can get comfy.Have citronella candles or alternative bug-repelling measures on hand, just in case.Let kids curl up in sleeping bags during the film, and roast s’mores collectively above a fire pit or barbeque after the show.

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