Rooms Bloom with Daffodil Colors

I don’t know about your neck of the woods, but down here in Birmingham, Alabama, winter seems to have gone missing. I’ve spent days in T-shirts than in sweaters, and we have yet to acquire the yearly dusting of snow which shuts the city down and sends us scampering to clean out the stores from bread and milk. Not to mention the daffodils in my backyard began blooming before Valentine’s Day!

This beautiful weather has me thinking ahead to spring decorating in my house, and I am taking my cue from sprightly yellow daffodil blossoms. Green and yellow is a traditional colour scheme which never goes rancid, and it spreads wherever you bring it into a house. Have a look at these pictures for inspiration.

Dreamy Whites

Consider the origin. It is stated that colours found together in nature will proceed together in decorating, and I can not think of a better illustration than daffodils. Their kelly green and lemon yellow — just two saturated, happy colors — are created for each other.

Caitlin Creer Interior Design

This space is a research in layering. The crisp whites calm the kelly green and zesty yellow accents, along with the tailored lines keep the space from feeling girlish.

Gallagher Home Builders, Inc..

Doesn’t this piece of citrus put you? I visit yet another enjoyable pop of colour every time I look at it — from the lemon-yellow stair treads to the lime-green corbels under the cabinets. Separating the colours with white helps prevent them from fighting each other and overwhelming the space.

LLC, cristi Holcombe Interiors

The green and yellow touches in this cheery bedroom are minimal, however they make their presence felt. The cushions add life to an otherwise neutral space, and I love how the grid of artwork above the bed pulls the kelly green upward. Also, because of the yellow notes, the drapery and bedskirt cloth reads more gold than brown.

Leslie Lundgren Design

With, let us say, khaki walls and red upholstery, this chamber would feel ultratraditional. What a difference the colors create. Zesty yellowish and luscious emerald green allow it to be refreshing without straying too far out of its dignified character.

David Small

French dishware brings out the green cabinet backs, draperies and trimming within this dining area. The bright colours are used having a judicious hand , to pleasing effect — painting each one of the millwork green or upholstering the seats in a similar colour could have been over the top.

Elizabeth Dinkel

OK, it’s just a towel, but one shot of yellowish wakes up the mannerly wallpaper inside this bath. If you’ve always wondered just how much small accents actually matter, this can be your evidence.

Siemasko + Verbridge

Green and yellow show their softer side in this ladylike space. Barely there butter and mint colors are a perfect match for the area’s refined architecture and feminine information.

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