Layout Safer Halls and Stairs With Universal Lighting Strategies

On any remodel or new build, special consideration ought to be given to light stairs and halls. Navigating stairs can be challenging for individuals of all ages, for various reasons. Poor or diminishing eyesight afflicts some of us in life, for instance.

Note: While not all of these photos include the universal design approach to light, the essence of the information can be transferred to a worldwide design home plan.

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A lighted handrail similar to this one gives nighttime support with no needing to retrofit your entire staircase. This handrail comes with the LED light system in place along with also a remote transformer, but it ought to be installed by a professional electrician.

Lighted railings can also be used in single-level houses to increase safety in halls; they are sometimes put together with a motion-activated control.

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Stair or measure lighting is a great addition to your light design plan. This sort of lighting is just another illustration of visual cueing — helping individuals get from point A to point B using a light path.

Recessed wall fittings are just another option for stair light. This case shows a combination of both riser and wall mounted light. In this case the dark risers help someone ascending the stairs gauge the riser height.

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Recessed wall fittings are placed low on the wall to light the ground space here; they are fantastic for stairs and halls. Stair lighting can serve as great nighttime light, also.

Wall lighting should be around the handrail facet, since the eye will focus on the light, and the hand-brain connection shouldn’t confuse the individual using the staircase.

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Lighting can also be contained from the stair riser. This is very helpful if someone is descending stairs, as it helps create contrast between one dark tread and yet another.

Lights beneath the nosing of each lever help illuminate the tread below. This is an effective extra lighting option for stairs — there’s no warmth, and it provides discernable comparison from one measure to another.

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The combination of handrail and nosing-tread lighting in LED format produces a complete visual cueing experience here, with fantastic comparison from step to step. Combined with general lighting, a set similar to this should relieve any anxiety about navigating the stairs.

Some LED systems can be put together with a stair light control to become even more interactive, as seen here in a custom installation by Titan Homes. The idea is that when infrared beams are disrupted or triggered by motion, the bottom or top step will light up, then every succeeding step will light up as someone either ascends or descends the stairs. After a preselected amount of time, the lights will automatically turn off.

This would also be a fantastic option for lighting hallways, encouraging an individual forward using a light path to follow.

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