There's a Mouse in the House

Usually the thought of a little critter makes many people squirm, but not some homeowners. No, I am not talking about having a pet. I am talking about people who rooted for Jerry on Tom and Jerry, those who love Beatrix Potter or who will only look past the ick thing and think that these little critters are adorable. While I recommend getting a live one which gets invaded your abode back out ASAP, sometimes a small mouse in the home can add a charming detail. Decide for yourself.

ROM architecture studio

While we have seen a lot of beautiful baseboard moldings around , this one made us all pause.

Mural Art LLC-Wall Murals and Fine Art

It seems homeowners are embracing the traditional styled mouse hole, the gateway to the mouse homes we have read about in children’s novels and seen on cartoons.

Lobalzo Design Associates, Ltd

A magical playhouse contains this enchanting Beatrix Potter–motivated mural by artist Paulette Grubb.

Visionary Mural Co..

Visionary Mural Company appeared to Potter’s charming characters as well when painting this nursery.

See the rest of the Peter Rabbit team in this area

This very elegant necklace for a baby girl has a little surprise — a faux mouse hole, using its resident sneaking a small bite.

Kon-strux Developments

Even an extremely modern house requires a little touch of whimsy …

Kon-strux Developments

… the resident mouse household has a tiny spot where they can get cozy in their beds and playground the household convertible.

Maplestone Construction

Why are these last two mouse holes so big? Paradoxically, they lead to the litter box rooms to the household cats!

Kendall Ansell Interiors

The Locker

These homeowners are playing a joke with mouse silhouettes; they have decorated the stairs with engaging compositions that are certain to be a conversation starter.

Inside this home small critters lined up on the face of the stairs give Mona Lisa something to smirk about.

Inform us : Thus, what do you think? Does this idea make you think, “Aw, cute” or “Yuck”? Tell us in the Comments section.

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